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Day 9 At some point it has to go home.

Day 9 At some point it has to go home.

On the one hand, because I have to work again and, on the other hand, because the budget is running low sometime.
So today we say goodbye to the Black Forest, who entertained us with interesting, winding roads and dry and almost continuous sunny weather.

Well, Rolf the old pension recipient could forever so …… if the budget plays along and Gaby could until Wednesday ….. then work calls her.

So we have breakfast one last time extensively, say goodbye to our hosts, the family Spath and their staff of the Gasthof Zum Schützen and make us at the usual time, so at 10 clock on the way.
Recording a track here would certainly be pointless. Therefore only a short explanation:

From Oberprechtal direction Offenbach, there on the A5 to Gambacher intersection, change to the A45 and within 6 hours (with breaks) we are back in Dortmund.

The traffic is pleasant, the construction sites easy to master and therefore we are home a bit exhausted, but relaxed at 4 pm.
There is still a coffee for me and a piece of smoked Black Forest sausage, because Rolf and Gaby are able to store one or the other delicacy in their panniers.

I make my way to Gladbeck half an hour later, throw my luggage in the hallway and then my machine in the garage.

Here I feel, I hardly dare to write it, but persuaded my little Japanese girl to complain a “Well Done” before leaving her to the darkness of the garage.
She did not mumble and did not let me down, which surprises me.
German girls are sometimes different.
There will be a small spa treatment with oil change, wash day and chain care next weekend.
After all, in the last 6 months, and most of it in the last 5 weeks, I’ve covered just under 7500km. And except for the empty battery, which clearly goes to my account of the blunder, there were no complaints. This could be a longer term relationship :-).

And back to everyday life, back to the desk …….

Oh yes, a conclusion:

No one was injured, no one stayed behind and everyone had fun. And that is how it is supposed to be.

My attempt to travel light on this 9-day tour worked. In both backpacks was everything I needed.
Well, it works out …… even at my age.

And another word to my two passengers:

Thanks for the nice days. It was pure joy to drive with you …..

Ps.: Since we had a great time with family Spath here is the link to their website as a little bit of advertising…

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