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Day 8 The last tour.

Day 8 The last tour.

Somewhat heavy hearted, we planned our last tour last night.
Beautiful roads, very good weather and excellent accommodation with excellent cuisine have made the holiday special and so it is difficult to start the last tour today. But we also notice that for tours between 190 and 250km and a holiday duration of more 7 days, a change of station would be due. So we can not do it, as planned in the Vosges, because the journey would be just too far.

Well then, we stay on site and strive honestly but happy.

Today we are going south again.

We leave Oberprechtal and drive over dreamy branch lines through Triberg and Schönwald first until shortly after Furtwangen, to stop there for the first time.
Not because a restaurant is nearby, as you might suspect by now. No, a short break to be able to enjoy the winding side roads again without paying attention to the traffic.

We stop short, just one cigarette long (for this time division, I’m in charge) and continue driving, only to 1 turn later (well-timed) at the Hexenlochmühle again to stop. We actually did not care!

We continue on Neuhäusle, Ödenbach and Rössleberg to Titisee, where we come this time, after the first unsuccessful attempt really to the lake.
The city is, contrary to the first attempt in the middle of the week this time by no means so crowded, making the passage as quite relaxed.
Gabi had read the previous day in the travelguide, that 2 million day visitors come to Titisee per year and found it simply “disgusting”.
I therefore strive on the passage to a “low profile”, low revs, adjusted speed and just not noticed.
Apart from us now only 1.999997 million day visitors have to come and it will … s.o.
And I’m to blame!

No matter, it’s beautiful.

We continue via Bärental and Altglashütten to Aha, where we meet again on the Schluchsee, which we do not use this time for a rest.
We move on to St. Blasien, where the cathedral is calling!

We follow the call, visit the cathedral and then hear the barely audible call of an ice cafe.
We are for equal treatment and also follow this call.

Then we are deaf and drive on, via Häusern again towards Schluchsee, on Schluchsee further to Bonndorf.

The route continues via Ewangen, Mundelfingen and Döggingen to Bräunlingen.
Here we were already, but one guesses, time for a rest.
This time in an ice cafe, but here too Rolf resists the desire for a fruit cup.
The second ice cream parlor without ice for Rolf. I’m worried!

We leave Bräunlingen in the direction of Vöhrenbach, but turn south of Vöhrenbach to the west and stop once more time at the Linach dam.

Then it goes to Furtwangen and from there on the starting route back.

Rolf has so far held on bravely without ice, but now it must be in the Pension Endehof a piece of black Ffrest cherry cake, which size we were able to admire yesterday, when we had paid our bill there.
However, Rolf and Gabi share a piece. They are smart, because it’s just before dinner.

After coffee and cake we go to Elzach to refuel.

Tomorrow we want to bring the morning as possible interruption-free behind us.

The horses are taken care of, so time for the last dinner.
I have become more cautious since yesterday!

So i order a salad with turkey breast strips and be taught a better again.
Strips are grown steaks. There are three in number, which is not clear in the photo, because I hide one behind the salad.

Tomorrow will be different in terms of food technology, for sure!

Total distance: 224.02 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 20180623-track.gpx

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