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Day 4 Follow your nose.

Day 4 Follow your nose.

The tour was already planned yesterday and so it is also today a very relaxed start.

A good breakfast, the machines from the stable and at 10 o’clock it goes back on the street.

Yesterday we decided to drive to the Kandel again and so the tour takes us there first. The weather is pleasant again. Not too warm in the morning, slightly cloudy and therefore just right.

But first we reach Triberg, where we are determined to visit the famous waterfalls.
These are not so easy to find but at the end we end up in the parking lot at the top of the falls.
From there now in full motorcycle gear felt about 400 meters in altitude on 8oom walking distance. Madness. Although, on the way there is a fabulous downhill, but back we find that every meter uphill hits twice in the legs.
To make matters worse, the falls turn out to be a rather small thin line, which can only be admired by a bridge 400 meters below.
I give up about 300 meters in front of the ticket booth. For one thing, because I know that I have to run back every meter, on the other hand, because the play is not worth 4.50 €.
Gabi and Rolf are more brave and go the full way.
But I’m back faster.

We reach the motorbikes somewhat exhausted and under the motorcycle clothing completely wrapped in a thin but continuous layer of sweat.

So off on the vehicles and direction Kandel to douse. We were already there yesterday, but this time we drive up the mountain from the other side.
According to the motto: Aronal in the morning and Elmex in the evening, dare something.

At the summit, despite the fact that it’s a normal working day, a lot is going on and so we treat ourselves to a coffee and watch some daredevils prepare for a tandem flight.

Too bad, everything works out.
Then continue.

The tour continues to be pleasant, but the temperature is rising because the clouds were already gone shortly after our departure.

We stop again near Triberg and then start our last leg to Schiltach.

We find a parking lot at meanwhile unpleasantly high temperatures and inspect Schitlachs old village center.

Rolf and Gabi still approve the obligatory cake piece as an appetizer for the near supper.

Then it’s back to Oberprechtal.
The first beer of the evening, we decide to spend the Thursday, especially because of the weather, motorcycle-free and explore Freiburg on foot and by train.
My Podex is happy but silent. He is just getting older …….
After dinner we plan the tour for tomorrow, which will take us to the southeast this time.
But just more tomorrow.

Total distance: 241.82 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 20180619-track.gpx


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