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Rauchfrei seit 894 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 894 days.......


Day 1 or you have to go through that.

Day 1 or you have to go through that.

Actually, today’s day starts yesterday.
And so I digress briefly back.

We had agreed that I should already arrive in Derne on Friday afternoon, then a dinner together at the italian pizza place, let the evening come to an end and then, after blissful slumber, today’s departure.

And so I made my way to the garage around 4pm. My things were already packed. “Traveling light” should be the motto and so I buried all my necessary belongings already Thursday evening in a tank bag and a small back pack. That had to be enough.

At 16:30, I had everything properly stowed, I tried to start my little Japanese and what should I say?
The battery charge was enough for three crankshaft revolutions, then my ears reached only the pitiful chatter of the magnetic switch in the starter.
Yes, battery is empty. It occurred to me that after the Skandianvien vacation I left my navigation system switched on for about 1 week on the handlebar and that was obviously enough to completely empty the not oversized (8AH) battery.

But, not despondent, back home, in the street clothes, off to Polo, bought new battery, back to the garage, old battery out, new in and I was there after 90 minutes where I just wanted to be 90 minutes earlier.

Back home, from the street clothes in the motorcycle clothes, back to the garage (sounds more complicated than it is) and straight to Derne.

Just in time to take the next bus to the pizza place.

To cut short, it was still a fun evening.

And thus from the prelude to ……. today.

After a bit of a restless night, thanks to the anchovies on my pizza, I wake up at 6:30, only to find that the rest of the house is obviously still resting in Morpheus arms.

Well, barely an hour later, the rest of the dwelling-inhabitants gets into a kind of commotion, so that we finally can leave after coffee and some sandwiches at 8 o’clock.

We had agreed to follow the highway to Baden-Baden and put the plan into action.
And even on the first kilometers I have to say that Gabi and Rolf present a very fast pace.
Just Gabi lets the boxer at 140 -150 km / h a lot of left and right hooks beat and in the further course I have to bring due to the traffic the tachometer needle to 160 – 170 not to lose the connection.

What speedy people, these guys!

But, you have to confess, this pace brings us well and two stops and a few miles later, we leave the highway towards Baden-Baden at noon and continue on the Schwarzaldhöhenstrasse, the B500 on.

Rolf has previously found several motorbike treffen on this route and so it makes sense to stop at one of these points again. It will be the meeting “Zur high fir” in Buehl-Unterstmatt.

One may believe that when motorcyclists do not hold a handlebar in their hands, they hold something to eat.
Well, faith alone is not, no it’s the truth. And so one or the other delicacy of the domestic bakery and cooking industry finds the pleasant way into the stomachs stretched out of the highway speed.

Delicious stuff everywhere and with a coffee all the better.

After strengthening the street calls again. Rolf hears it as the first and makes himself the first on the way and we, so the rest, wants to say Gabi and I follow.

Also because Rolf had prepared this tour in advance and saved it on his gps.

Now time and weight are gradually on the tight Bikers Podex, so on the “Sitzfleich” and every now and then falls both Gabi and me verbal the desire to come over nice but also as soon as possible to Oberprechtstal.
Rolf beats an edifying driver’s hook after another, but has to give way at Bad Peterstal-Griesbach a road blockage and change the route.

In the further course turns out, I had my navigation also running,that at a certain point, we would have to turn according to my GPS already three times, the remaining distance is getting longer. This does not fit the buttocks pain, which was also going to draw other parts of the body into its spell.

Finally, Admiral Gabi temporarily leaves our route captain in office and, in the absence of her own gps device, sends the one-eyed Smutje forward with the small blue rowing boat, hoping he will find the fastest route.

The last meters lead us over small, winding roads without speed limit to Oberprechtstal, where we arrive at 16 clock.

The room keys are set quickly, and the excellent rooms in the Gasthaus Zum Schützen quickly occupied.

After the obligatory shower, the “horses” are housed, before we bring our culinary and alcoholic demands to the friendly staff and the excellent kitchen staff.

Did I mention that life has nice sides?

Has it!


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