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Travel and camping fair Essen 2018 … .. in 60 minutes

Travel and camping fair Essen 2018 … .. in 60 minutes

“Michael”, I talked to myself, when I heared from the fair a few days ago, “you should go there”.

Not that I suddenly and unexpectedly want to start traveling, I have done so many years.
If “only” by motorcycle, or by plane across the pond.
But this time I’m drawn there.
Reason is the upcoming motorcycle trip with the Canadian friends in late May. Camping is announced, because of nature, they say. But I also suspect, because of the price.
What could be more natural than to visit a trade fair for travel and camping in the hope of possibly getting one of these outrageously expensive because extremely small and light tents at a fair price.

So, off in the “Looser cruiser” or “Welfare wagon” as my Canadians formulate so beautifully and what I call public transport and off to the fair.
And what should I say.
Everything is there. Camper for the price of a spacious condominium in Gelsenkirchen, awnings the size of a smaller condominium in Bochum, chemical toilets, probably with a heated lid for the winter campers and much more, what you need, if you like to dwell in nature, even overnight and like indirectly the price for a (at least) 3-star hotel lies down, and then his neighbors at arm’s length but without masonry around them to think.

Oh yes, one (in numbers) 1 provider for tents, I have yet found. And exactly with tents I was looking for. But unfortunately not for the price of the fair.
So it will be the store of my trust in the internet again.
A pity, but interesting, what the average German citizen is willing to spend  on vacation really only with the bare essentials in the lap of mother nature ………

Oh yes, if you hit on the cost of arrival and departure as well as a lunch at one of the innumerable feeding stalls on it, you have already spent 2/3 of the price for a cheap 1-man tent, but still doesn´t have this cheap …. etc.

Next week motorcycle fair Dortmund. Maybe I’ll find it rather there……

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