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Motorcycles 2018 – a supplement (swan song)

Motorcycles 2018 – a supplement (swan song)

Ok, what should one say, or write.

Actually, it’s the same thing every year.
“Do we go on Fridays or Saturdays?”
“No, better Fridays, then it is not so full.”
“But I can not get a day off on Friday!”
“Yes, then Saturday.”

Not with me, I usually get holidays on Fridays whenever I want to and therefore I’m flexible.
But not friends. And those are actually the only reason why I still do the fair year after year.
So for me it’s more of a “social event” than the real urge to look at the latest machines, “gadgets”, attachments and whatever is necessary to ride a bike.
Because, let’s be honest, a motorcycle is a motorcycle and the big hit is not expected in the next 10 years (electric bikes with almost 200km range at a cost of just under 20K € are simply not the Bringer).
Okay, there is now dual-clutch transmission, which should catapult a corresponding damage quickly in the higher 4-digit range, the naked bikes manufacturers from the land of the smiling sun look more and more, like a declaration of war and the boys and girls of the relevant clubs and “moving connections” just always get one year older.
This year, the German Army was actually there. Whether that was already so before, I never really noticed. But this year.
Maybe because I was surprised that they made it with operational resources of almost 30% at least completely in the Dortmund halls.
Otherwise, as always.
Oh yes, POLO was back! Madness. There you have to go.
For in the past, POLO, LOUIS and GERICKE were always giant stalls with lots of goods that they actually offered for sale at fair prices (must have been in the late 1990s).

And fact, POLO was there. With about 4 tons of leaflets, flyers and catalogs, which now look more like lifestyle magazines and are certainly designed by young, dynamic Internet or what-so-ever editors.
By the way, dear ones. So you can save yourself the cost of a Premiumstand. It is a motorcycle fair, where interested people like to spend one or the other Euro, instead of disposing of the remaining copies of your printed products at a reasonable price. Oh, sorry. So you had 5 helmets and some accessories, but not for sale.

Well, and otherwise? The friend who had bought the tickets at the ADAC, initially wondered that the price had risen from just under 10 € to 12.80 €. 28% price increase (I hope I calculated the right way around) is steep!
A beer for lunch (0.33) in the restaurant for € 3.50! My raised eyebrows forced the young cashier to remark “Here you drink the most expensive beer of Dortmund”. I agreed with him immediately and 100%.
But at the time it was just necessary.
After the fair, I hardly dare to write, I drove to POLO and bought the part that I actually wanted to buy at the fair, but did not find. A front wheel rocker for my Z1000 without center stand  to be able to park upright on my own.
I describe the experience in another post.

Conclusion: do you still need the fair? Not really. Does the fair need visitors? That’s probably more likely.
So, dear Dortmund, back to the basics, down with the fancy stuff.

Oh yes, and smaller is the exhibition space every year, or am I mistaken? Let me know.

Ps .: But I’ll be back next year. Why? On the one hand, the hope dies last, on the other hand, I am looking forward again with friends to make the round and meet one or the other exhibitors, which one knows closer.

But otherwise …… ?

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