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Day 7 or there is a point of return.

Day 7 or there is a point of return.

And that comes today. At some point it has to go back, if you do not want to pitch your tents here permanently. And I’ll reach that point today. But one by one.

On the one hand, I finally added Yesterday’s contribution to the pictures, I mean, the gentle reader, the gentle readress may call the post again, and yesterday I had a nice, if difficult, conversation with two young Frenchmen, the I already noticed yesterday afternoon, since they were also present with the motorcycle. Well, around 10pm the two of them suddenly appeared on my pitch to look at the full honk that is going on a big tour with a Z1000.
We had a nice chat, among other things about the penalties that motorcyclists here in France can expect. Most informative.
So, but now for today. As already indicated, I had a small tour last night, about 110km from my TomTom worked out. It goes to Saint-Malo, one last time along the coast, before I make my way home. Also this idea turns out to be correct, because when I hold the head out of the tent around 8 o’clock this morning, the current temperature situation threatens already with degrees beyond the 30, at least for lunchtime. 22 degrees are already reached around 9 o’clock. Where is that supposed to lead? After the obligatory coffee and again homemade breakfast, I make the little Japanese girl ready to go and water my cooling vest, which I had bought just before the trip, whether the expected temperatures? Submerge briefly in water, supposedly help. I am leaving the square for a time that is un-Christian for me, ie around 10 o’clock.The TomTom navigates me through small and smallest roads to Saint-Malo, sometimes with gravel. Should I stop now on gravel and borrow a GS? I do not think so. So I bravely take the few miles under the wheels and it goes well, of course.
Finally, I arrive in Saint-Malo and discover, just before I turn right to go home, a vantage point, which wants me to say unequivocally, “photograph me, it will not get better”. I follow this call and explain this point to me as my personal “point of return”. From here it should go home. The temperatures are now beyond my personal feel-good mark of 30 degrees. My cooling vest has done a pretty good job so far. The wind in conjunction with the evaporating water actually provides good cooling. Unfortunately, the vest, which should actually be good for 6-8 hours, gives up after 2 hours. No wonder, if you feel like driving in front of the open oven door. In between, I had to accept the opinion, one could cover a wet T-shirt instead. I do not want to follow that opinion very much and I would like to consider the following:
Maybe a wet T-shirt looks pretty good on a female driver of my age, certainly not on me. I’m more likely to give up the image of a stranded whale that Greenpeace is trying to save from dehydration.
The vest is dry from the inside and wet only from the outside. A wet T-shirt could cause irritation if the excess moisture migrates into the crotch area. Because, remember, incontinence feels (presumably) the same way. And last but not least, and this seems to me to be the most important argument, motorcycling ladies with appropriately low-priced equipment move a little way into the area of ​​the Miss-wet-T-shirt-contests so popular at Harley meetings. And who, except for Harley riders or Harley co-drivers, wants to go there.I’ll stay with my vest. The way back is from the area as well worth seeing. On the way back I stop once again at yesterday’s intermarché, bunker something to eat, a few new slippers (the old ones look like I’ve crossed the Himalayas with them) and then set off on my way home. The temperatures are uncomfortable, but still about 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. Back on the court, first the clothes off and with the second book (yes, the first I actually already finished) took a breather. And now I finish here, after 3 local beers these lines. Immediately I still have to collect my things together, everything has been distributed quite nicely. The route home is roughly planned. I will certainly deviate a bit here and there, but all in all it will go back across the Moselle and the Eifel. The temperatures should play from tomorrow again, so something in the middle range of 20 degrees. Sounds good, hopefully it really applies. Therefore, stay tuned …….
Small Supplement: Meanwhile, around 20:45 clock is the sky cloudy, the wind freshens up and the temperatures have fallen considerably.
I wonder if I should cook the coffee in the tent … ..

Total distance: 89.88 km
Max elevation: 50 m
Min elevation: 3 m
Total climbing: 501 m
Total descent: -501 m
Download file: Südküste-20190629.gpx

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