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Day 8 or My goodness, but the boy did not get far

Day 8 or My goodness, but the boy did not get far

That’s how much other things in life is a matter of opinion. I’m now just before Les Man’s, so actually only about 200km driven. And that happened ……

Finally the heat has decreased a bit. As I cautiously keep my big toe out of the tent this morning to see if Google’s right, or if it burns my toe due to high temperatures in a second in the morning, like a vampire without sunscreen, I see Google is right. Not only the temperatures have fallen significantly, just 16 degrees at 7 o’clock instead of 22 as yesterday, also the sky is quite another. Instead of vain sunshine, vain cloud cover everywhere and everywhere. So today, where I have to pack everything after 3 nights, I come around a sweat around. The breakfast consists of a baguette, which I had already bought yesterday (the things are really Long lasting, due to the ingredients) and of course the usual 3 coffee. In the meantime I am practicing packing, although sometimes I myself wonder how the stuff that looks in its entirety as if my luggage exploded, finds room again in the small bags. I’ve obviously adopted the handbag principle of fair femininity, which is known to accommodate half the household in a slightly larger clutch. Only I find everything again!
At 9 o’clock I’m ready to go and turn first to the right to tap at the gas station of the Intermarché for fuel.Then it goes to Trier. Exactly, Trier. Yesterday, I entered the location as a long-haul destination in my TomTom and let me calculate a winding route. And TomTom does what it should. Curvy okay, but also on the smallest streets. After half an hour, the contiguous cloud cover becomes slightly incontinent. I actually have to put the rain gloves over and throw the raincoat on the tank bag.It’s almost half an hour, so the ride in the light rain, not the throwing over, then God has a look, here and there the clouds rupture a bit and give the cloud cover a divine diaper. In Mayenne, I can finally go further without gum on the hands. Short break, cigarette, rubber away and on we go.
Until Mayenne, my TomTom had shown me 2 petrol stations on the route, but both obviously no longer existed. More petrol stations it shows actually no more and that …… .. on the whole remaining distance …… to Trier.
I realize that the winding roads have their pitfalls and the more often, the more often you have to refuel. I then change the calculation of the route from “Windy” to “Fastest possible without highway” and low and behold, there are still …….In addition, I have been allowed to enjoy the last 2 hours of the smallest roads, almost on the stage “swinging”, now it may quietly go ahead a bit faster. I drive on towards Le Man’s, now a bit hungry. Yesterday I forgot that Sunday all Shops are closed and gas stations here in France are actually not a haven for food and drink. So I fill up just 40km from Le Mans and then catch up on lunch on the way to the city at McDonalds. Everything goes well here, but how are you? If ever in or at Le Man’s, then the visit to the famous racetrack would be worthwhile. But I suspect that there will still be much to see outside of the fence. But there is a museum.
So I decide today for 14:30 clock to find a campsite and find it in Mézières-sous-Lavardin (again, who thinks up such names). I mean, I think it’s pretty easy in the camping app. As I drive into the village, I first have to circle a bird of prey three times before I can find and hit a small sign. The place is but 10km outside this small village at the edge of the forest, and thus explained why I can write this text, the pictures but still have to wait. I arrived in the country of the HDSPA. Simple text and information works, pictures are too complicated. One step less and I would have this text, as ancient Egyptians chisel on a stone tablet and upload to a truck, which then brings it to the Internet. But I’ll catch up, I promise. The place is pleasant, both in terms of price, as well as the location. And now I’ll see, when tomorrow will open the museum. It would be well worth a visit.
Stay tuned ………

Total distance: 208.51 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: Südküste-20190630.gpx

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