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Day 6 or holidays from vacation

Day 6 or holidays from vacation

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. And at the prevailing temperatures in the next 2 days you have to do something.The temperatures this morning speak a clear language.

At 9 o’clock the thermometer is already at 22 degrees. For today noon / afternoon 35 are announced.So I’m thinking, even before the usual coffee my thoughts on how to continue now. For longer driving clearly too warm and to start already home direction actually too early.I check the weather on Google and notice that it should end today and tomorrow at 35 degrees, but then return to motorcycle-friendly temperatures. I look around the square. Nice spot, showers more than okay, swimming pool for the hot season … .. the decision is pretty quick. First, I make my way to the bar, only a few meters away. No, not at the time to taste the first Pastis so far I’m not. I’m running out of tobacco supplies and I have to top up. And since there are tobacco products in France only in the bars with the “tobacco” sign on the outside facade, I’m drawn to it.
In short, 2 packs of drum (30 grams) with leaflets cost me $ 27. The French know how to dissuade their fellow citizens from smoking and I am annoyed briefly, because I have not increased my stock of cheap herb by Lidl larger before the ride. But back to the place. When the front desk opens at 8:30, I’m there with my credit card and book 2 more nights.The plan: visit today the World Heritage Site Mont-Saint-Michel, tomorrow a small round trip, as long as the temperatures are reasonably pleasant and then the day after tomorrow roughly home.While I financially firm the two nights, I really enjoy the fact that today and tomorrow, not everything in the sweat of my face pack and sometime at 35 degrees enter on a unknown campsite with possibly missing toiletpaper. Back at the place I unload the little Japanese girl once to make room in the panniers.In gray linen trousers, but with helmet, gloves and motorcycle boots, I drive to Pontorson and take care of some cash first and then drive on to Intermarché.
This shop offers almost everything. For one, it is probably air-conditioned, on the other hand, the product range is really comprehensive. I cover myself with baguette (thank God also in homeopathic size, so that they fit into the pannier), a little sausage and 2 times dinner.On the way, in the Intermarché, I happily meet the Ricard family. Of course, I’ll tell them about my harsh loss the day before yesterday and they immediately agree to give me a brother of the same size. I thank you profusely and take the little one with me.You can also fill up Petrol here. So I do that and then go back to the campsite.This time the breakfast is much more self-made and relaxed. As can be seen from the pictures.After the usual 3 coffee I get ready for the cultural expedition. It is less than 3 km to Mont-Saint-Michel and I intend to do it without a shuttle bus. So I shorten the pants, use sunscreen, and hope to end the day without too much sunburn.
The path is predetermined and edifying at the beginning. But that changes halfway, because 99% of the way is without any shadow.So I’m pretty sweaty at the cultural site and not only that. Thus, the ordeal has no end. Mont is known as mountain and the abbey is of course at the top.As I enter the enclosure, however, I am surprised. Restaurants, snack bars, even hotels (single room € 250, if one asks) hide behind the city wall. At first glance a bit like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse. But further up, finally I would like to look at the abbey. And so I screw myself up step by step, until the screwdriver, my blood pressure, demands a break. It is now noon and the temperatures have reached the zenith. Shadows and cold water are quickly found and after a few minutes the circulation is okay.The visit turns out to be quite interesting. The sheer size of the facility and the idea of ​​how craftsmanship was accomplished at the time, in the near future, really earns me respect. Below are a few snapshots to see and more information, of course, here, at Wikipedia.
Of the 10 € entrance fee I book 5 € on the fact that it is pleasantly cool inside. Fabulous. After the tour, I am drawn to my temporary home and so I am on my way back.At the stop of the shuttle bus, I briefly consider whether I should be chauffeured half the way, but reject that, as the queue of waiting for about 30 minutes waiting time in scorching heat without a shadow. So I go on, in the heat, without water ……… ..That will be tough then. Meanwhile, the sun is in the zenith and hurls mercilessly at me the result of their nuclear fusion. Every now and then a little wind comes up, but only briefly and half-heartedly. It seems as if God really gave it all the day before yesterday and yesterday morning and now just rages a little. Due to the wind force and the temperature, I tend to guess a divine fart. How uncomfortable! Shortly before I turn towards the campsite, I once again use the little available shade. Again, my older body reminds me to do some rest and I listen to him.
Back at the campsite, I first start a well-cooled bottle of water, in 1.25 liter container. Now Usain Bolt likes to run the 100m in less than 10 seconds, I manage about 1 liter in the same time. Maybe this will be an Olympic discipline, then I’ll be right up there! Since the water is slightly carbonated, no blink of an eye later a kind of rutting over the place, which could do any Canadian elk bull in honor and would immediately secure the most beautiful female in the square. I am ashamed, but only briefly.Then out of the clothes, down under the shower and lightly dressed in the shady area of ​​my temporary property.When I walk out of the shower and walk past the reception desk I notice something out of the corner of my eye and spontaneously turn around to the right. And what can I say, Moby Dick, here at the campsite. And this animal seems just as surprised to see me here! Not only that, it wears the same black cap as I do, even the swimming trunks resemble mine, even if it seems to be out of place on the animal ……………Ahem, my FitX card is still somewhere at home. Time to dust it off. The certainty of having made the right decision at the temperatures builds me up a bit and so I manage it halfway upright.
Tonight I plan a small circuit for tomorrow, without a jacket, but with cooling vest. Let’s see if that helps.Now it is time to relax in the shade and finish these lines.What I want to do with this … ..PS: Unfortunately, the picture upload is currently not working. The French network is not quite along. Will be made up as soon as the upload works again, promised ….

Stay tuned …?

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