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Day 4 or every camper has to go through that……

Day 4 or every camper has to go through that……

I had mentioned that the rain pattered on the tent last night, right?

So I wake up around 8 o’clock and my first gaze wanders through the tent.
Everything dry? Everything still upright?
A clear “yes” makes me breathe audibly. So get out first. Where to go first should be clear.
Then off to the supermarket, two rolls, some cold cuts and half a liter of milk, finally, it´s my birthday today and I treat myself to something ;-).

Meanwhile, and Google had already “pointed out” to me, is a nasty, gusty wind raised.
Google calls it “strong” with speeds up to 50km. I can classify this information difficult, because I have a meter …… metore …., so i miss a training as weather forcast guy.
But I realize that my camping stove with the boiler placed on it and the resulting top-heaviness can hardly withstand these gusts and therefore i search with my equipment a place at the sanitary area. No, I do not cook my coffee water on the toilet, so far my “camping hype” does not work. Rather, there is a corner for washing dishes outdoors and here it is a little sheltered from the wind.

Works! Coffee ready, the two rolls but thick with sausage and breakfast is done.

Then I search again the distance. Explore the town and the beach again to get back at 1pm.
The beach, as yesterday, almost deserted. This time, however, this is certainly not only due to the weekday and time, but also to the gusty wind. My attempt to “approach” the wind on the beach I break off relatively quickly, as I notice that it crunches more and more between the teeth and I fear that the fine sand, which is driven even at eye level, might permanently damage my visual aid and in the near future I will hardly be able to eat anything due to the expected frosted glass panes.
So, on, with the wind in the back.

The wind has not changed after my return and, I anticipate, it will not be until the early hours of the morning. So I’m trying to read a bit, but I quickly notice that with the increase in wind speed, there is also a drop of temperatures. Therefore, it drives me relatively quickly into the tent for an afternoon nap.

It lasts until about 4 pm and, as a sign of fate, that’s exactly the time the “beach bar” opens. It’s open until 8pm, around the time Google announces “light thunderstorms and precipitation.”

Fits. I grab my pad, my cell phone and sit at 17 o’clock at a freshly tapped Leffe and complete my notes on this page.

Time flies and after a total of 4 leffe, a tuna pizza and one or two lines in the blog, it is time to pay, the bar owner wants to close.
Please, he might do so, I always pay attention to other people’s work.

On the way it starts to rain heavily. So on the way, round about 4 minutes to the tent, but can be sufficient with appropriate rain already.
But I did not plan anything for the evening. Jump quickly into the tent and wait for the storm …. and the storm is coming.

My supposedly well-protected campground turns out not necessarily as purposeful in the course of the night.
The wind, the devilish child, always manages to drive right into the corner that I had chosen.
I spend my time listening to the storm and rain, occasionally supporting my two sidewalls with my hands, wondering how durable the aluminum-linkage could be.

That keeps me awake!

At about 3 o’clock in the morning, the strong wind slows down and I can finally try to get some sleep, which I manage almost immediately.

As I mentioned, every camper has to get through that ……..

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