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Day 5 or home back into the warmth ……

Day 5 or home back into the warmth ……

The title suggests that the temperatures do not belong to the higher range today and feel rather appropriate for the season.

And so it is. At about 12 degrees at 8 o’clock it is, to say the least, much shadier than the 2 days on Texel.
But, I do not complain, but rather think of the friends Denis and Normand, who after our separation in Bergen at the end of May went further north and there (during the day!) with around not more than 6 degrees had to fight. Hats off!

 I renounce the prevailing temperatures for breakfast.
Thankfully, the rain stopped at night along with the storm so I can pack the tent dry.
So I bring my little Japanese girl from the temporary exile. She pleases me with immediate “Dienstaufnahme”, so the battery seems to be in order.

So back to the campground and everything stowed in its place.

I decide this time to drive directly on the “autobahn” home. The weather and the temperatures do not invite me to drive longer and slower.

 And so I leave Hoek van Holland, take 2 stops at a gas station, the first time for breakfast, the second time only for a coffee and I’m back home around 13 clock.
Cold it was, on the way (guilty, if you only take summer gloves) and a bit rainy.
But otherwise I manage the approx. 240 kilometers without problems.



 And like on my first tour northwards, I take off my luggage and make my way immediately to the wash box to treat the little Japanese girl a “sponge up”.

Towards 14:30 clock, she is back in the garage, this trip she mastered without complaint and thus freed my world view regarding motorcycles again a bit from the Bavarian blinders.


Also this trip was, if you don´t take the last night into the equaion, quite fun.
And with a few experiences richer, I’ll be thinking about my equipment.
The recently acquired “air bed” is slightly wider and higher than the air mattress used in May, but also much more comfortable. However, it fills my 1-man tent almost completely, so that there is hardly any room left for luggage. Likewise, a little more space in bad weather would be quite pleasant.
Therefore, I will probably replace my 1-man tent for a 2-3-person tent with outer rods.
The outer rods just because I put it in the rain, the outer skin first to hang the inner tent dry. A not to be despised advantage.
To what extent everything fits into the rollback, then must be clarified in the self-experiment.
All other new acquisitions have performed their service without complaint.
The softbag saddlebags will have to give way to a fixed solution. They are cheap but just in terms of attaching, but only a half-hearted solution. In addition, the contact points directly on the paint disturb me …….
Already on the road I flirted with the Hepco C-Bow saddlebags with, for my machine fitting kit, but found the price of almost 380 € quite violent.
Well, today, on Sunday, I found it on Ebay classified ads and have the set bought for 200 €.
So I’m curious how the bags will do on the next tour.
But then more …….

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