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Day 14 or a conclusion

Day 14 or a conclusion

Of course, that should not be missing. And today, Sunday, after unloading the luggage, the little Japanese girl, helmet and gear are cleaned and all numbers are available, I want to do that now.

At the beginning, I had roughly expected a tour length of almost 3000km, but then, after not having driven on day 6 and only 90 km on day 7, the number was revised down a bit.Not necessary, as I have just found out in the addition.
And here is some statistics:
Tour length:
2935 kilometers (and thus in a tour more kilometers than the bike had on the odometer at my purchase after 10 years)
Well, I have not kept all the receipts, so just a rough calculation:
Consumption on average 5.5 liters, makes up for the tour length 162 liters of fuel, also on average for 1.55 €/liter. So therefore 250 € for getting around.
Overnight stay:
10 nights on campsites for an average of 18 €, a hotel accommodation in Orleans (Ibis) 60 € and once “Auberge” class for 28 € makes a total of 268 €. Thus, driving and overnight stay almost on par.
Since I was self-sufficient, ate at McPuke a couple of times, and usually used the food store shelves, probably not higher than at home.
The Pastis:
Yes, my faithful tour companion. The bottle (0.5 liters) for an average of 10 €, 2.5 bottles I have “used up”, thus 25 € for “fuel”.
The new tent has proved to be excellent, albeit a bit bigger in pack size. The advantage of having enough space for luggage and gear, even in bad weather, is what matters. The C-Bow panniers have more than served their purpose. They hold enough for such a tour and are easy to handle.
Well, as I always care to write after a successful tour, nobody had to be left behind, no one got hurt and nobody lost. Stop, that’s not quite true. For one, I missed my smart watch from day 8. Even turning my luggage around did not bring it back. But during the following days I realized that I do not really need it. So I can get over it.
On the other hand, I already noticed on the tour that my beloved TCX short boots had arrived the end of their live cycle. For 10 years they had served me good, no, very good. Fortunately, they did not give up until the last day and did their best. Yesterday I disposed them with a heavy heart, but only after I had granted myself, with the help of the Polo raincheque from the same company, the successor to the successor. I’m curious if the newcomers will last as long. But then I would be almost 68 years old and if I will ride so long I can not say with almost certain probability.
The visited campsites, which has made my Android app available to me, were quite good to very good, as I have always searched for at least 3 star places.
Particularly noteworthy is the place in Mont Saint-Michel. With all frills including swimming pool all for 18,80 € per night. Respect. I’ll try to list all the places below.
Finally, only to say, it was nice. A lot of impressions, mostly positive, rarely negative, but both directions important to prevent a flatline due to getting up, working, sleeping, getting up, working …… etc. A hook on the credit side of the account at the bank “Is there a life before death”.
The next, shorter tour is planned for early September, this time in the Thuringian Forest. That’s why ……Stay tuned …….And here, instead of pictures, the campsites I have come across:

Day 1: Vakantiepark Marina Beach in Hoek, NL
Day 2: Camping La Forèt in Stella Plage
Day 3: Camping de la Foret in Jumièges
Day 4: Le Grand Large campsite in Les Pieux
Day 5 – 7: Camping aux Pommiers in Beauvoir
Day 8: Camping Smile & Brauderies in Mézières-sous-Lavardin
Day 9: Ibis Hotel Nord in Orleans
Day 10: Camping de La Presqu’ile de Champaubert at Eclaron-Braucourt-Sainte-Livière
Day 11: Camping du Felsberg in Saint-Avold (room in small hotel)
Day 12: Treviris Camping Park in Trier

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