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Day 13 or end of the trail

Day 13 or end of the trail

Well, quite as bad as the tired warrior in the post picture I’m actually not now that i am at home. A bit more spirited then my running in. But one by one.

Yesterday I actually managed to reduce the travel weight by a few grams. One or two pastis still found an appropriate home. However, I was not as successful as the group of Englishmen who showed up with 3 people on 3 bikes last night and whose luggage was apparently made up half of spirits. Respect. I hope you did not want to continue today. I had set the alarm clock, for the appointment this morning and the fact that it was 1 Pastis more, so I am digitally thrown out of bed around 7 clock.
Obviously, the weather is of the opinion, I should go home slowly. It is cool, the sky is overcast, and in memory of the last days, when it was partly over 20 degrees at that time, I feel quite pleasantly. But, in advance, it will not stay that way. So, one last time packed everything, 2 standard black coffee for breakfast and around 8:30 am I set off to visit my colleague. The traffic in Trier etches also at this time. But hardly out of the city, I find a curvy track in the small suburb of Pellingen.Silke not only serves a delicious freshly brewed coffee but also a second breakfast. Thank you again for that. Last but not least, we talk about our work and I think about this topic, with my employer the whole trip as a “meeting” to sell. Let’s see if that succeeds. At 10 o’clock I’m on my way again. Almost 290km are in front of me, curvy route, with no highway and at the time means my Routing Dutchman, I would need about 5 hours.

Angenehm kühl am Morgen. / Nice cool in the morning.

At first everything is wonderful. Time passes by the Eifel on long curves. A stop, something to bite and of you go. Around Cologne, however, the fun slowly subsides. I decide to use the highway. It should be just under 90km …… ..My TomTom shows me, because it is connected via the mobile phone to the Internet, the current traffic situation and thus several traffic jams, which cost me a total of 20 minutes. The weather is now warm and so I drive about 30km before my home from the highway and orientate myself towards Essen. And if I have to drive through Essen, it should be worth it. So I stop at Polo and buy some special detergent for my gear, because now it is Ready for a good wash.

Ein kurzer Stop in der Eifel für ein zweites Frühstück. / A short stop for a second breakfast in the area of the Eifel.

2 more days in the heat, and the pants would stand alone and I could, if the boots are placed correctly, like a firefighter in the pants ……From Polo it goes directly home. I unpack the little Japanese girl whose appearance has suffered a bit in the last few days. There will be an extensive “sponge-up” tomorrow in the washbox of my trust. And now she is in the dark garage, my luggage is unpacked and, yes, my gear washed and even almost dry again. What fragrance and grace, now that a bunch of anionic surfactants have beaten the last sweat from the fibers. Wonderful, almost like new. And that would be a conclusion due, but I would like to write only in 1 or 2 days. Now I have to first prepare the collected data and enter it here.
So, stay tuned …….

Um 16:35 Uhr bin ich wieder zu Hause. / At 4:35pm i am back home.

Total distance: 306.98 km
Max elevation: 566 m
Min elevation: 29 m
Total climbing: 4929 m
Total descent: -5029 m
Download file: Südküste-20190705.gpx

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