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Day 12 or Slowly it comes to an end

Day 12 or Slowly it comes to an end

Do not worry, no rash condolence, everything is and I’m fine, the little Japanese too. The holiday comes to an end.

At noon today, I decided to go home on a small street after having coffee with my colleague near Trier. I cancelled the one day trip to the Moselle.The reason is pretty simple, the afternoon weather is just not mine. Everything in the morning is okay, in the afternoon still temperatures around or over 30 degrees. The today’s approach here to Trier was due to the inner city location of the campsite even more unpleasant. But more on that later, first of all.
Slept better, than in the last hotel? Definitely yes. Although I spent the first 3 hours feeling that all extremities malted by the sun and mosquitoes in the last few days, so devotedly to work with my available fingernails, that at least lessened the itching until I could fall asleep. But then it´s okay, doc. I had set the alarm clock. And so my electronic cock on the hay rings me at 6:45 clock out of bed. I tell him to “snooze” three more times before I get up. My things are packed fast, because the camping equipment has spent the night in the parking lot. And if it has built up there alone yesterday, then it should also do me the favour to wrap up again on it´s own. Not with me, do you understand? Now, the alert reader will ask himself, so where does he want to go now? Well, a lovable voice told me the day before yesterday “There are still the Vosges. Yes, then go there? “
So yesterday evening I entered Haguenau as the first stopover, so it goes through the North Vosges. But first i will have breakfast. Nearby there is a supermarket with a small restaurant, which is already open at this time.So I drive, see the selection and order, yes, in French a “petite dejeuner gourmand”, hoping to find something more than wheat bread, butter and jam. But far from it. Obviously, the head chef´s name is Gourmand. At least I find on the plate, which is then enough for me nothing that distinguishes this breakfast from the simple breakfast. Stop, yes, there is another croissant added. Okay, so one extra butter and sugar. But it tastes good, makes you satisfied and in view of the mega-blue sky without even the hint of a cloud, I’m on my way. This will be nice again this afternoon. I could bet on that. Pleasant ride, everywhere. The wind is still cooling, so it could stay that way. And then, of course, the icing on the cake, the North Vosges. But unfortunately a shorter ride than expected.
Just before Haguenau I stop, not only for a small snack, but also to enter the final destination. I find in Trier a campsite almost directly in the City, but close to the Mosel. And since my colleague lives only a few miles outside of Trier, I take the place as the last destination for today.Of course, this route again curvy and without a motorway. And so I come a second time through the Vosges. Ha, killed a fly with two flaps …… In Zweibrücken I return briefly into the subway and then decide whether the high temperatures again, from here to Trier to take the highway. There are only 60 kilometers left and the tour riders will forgive me for sure.The highway is also okay so far, until I leave the Highway towards Trier. I had visited Trier earlier and I wonder if anything could have changed in the years since then. Does not have it. Big city just.
And so I have to follow for miles over a detour, the traffic is dense and the temperatures are high. What a pleasure. But there I discover a Netto shop out of the corner of my eye. Out of sheer enthusiasm I turn so impetuously that I leave a donut on the asphalt and find myself a minute later on the house parking lot. I rush in the store, grab a 4-pack of leaflets and throw next to the leaflets my usual spell on the belt. “Please 4 times the half-black tobacco of the same kind, please.” I leave the shop with my prey and yes, one or the other tear in the spectacled eye. Never again drum, 30 grams for 11,70 €. This obviously, whether the price with fine golden threads interspersed smoked goods. Next time, there is a grocery bag only, but really. Continue the detour and finally I land in front of the entrance to the campsite.
And here the old man up there obviously wants to mock me. After I realized on the second or third day that this tour would be the last one for my beloved short boots, and I even had to ask myself if they would survive the tour at all (again and again) I just could not go crazy all day Long. So, after all this, to talk like Mario Barth (German Comedian), pay attention, no joke, honestly happens, so no 100m from the driveway are 2 stores. Polo and Louis, locally united except for a road crossing. But I catch myself quite fast, check in at the campsite and then, after the usual build-up phase, visit the two shops to find out about the offer. Besides, both of them will definitely have some “summer start”, “June is dead, long live the July” or “it will not get hotter” sales. But now the three old ones, that is me and my pair of shoes, have made it so far, until tomorrow it will still be possible. And at home is still waiting a polo coupon that had been given to me by some lovely people for a happy birthday, and now it’s that moment. Well, it is coming to an end, as already written above.
Tomorrow will bring me home to relax for 2 days before the wheel turns again and other people can earn well on me. And now I enjoy a little more thank God cooler evening and somewhere I had a brand new bottle of Pastis …… and it does not taste at home anyway, you know ……. And while driving, every gram counts …
Stay tuned ……

Total distance: 289.95 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: Südküste-20190704.gpx

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