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Rauchfrei seit 954 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 954 days.......


Day 12 or finally….

Day 12 or finally….

I do not have to worry about my breakfast today!

Norman takes on the role of bringing fresh bread, including more purchases that the family needs until Sunday lunchtime.
In addition, he develops in the kitchen so much momentum and verve that a short time later a wonderful breakfast slightly bends the top of the dining table.

I enjoy the start of the day, not only because of the delights in front of me, but also because of the people around me.

And after breakfast I take the opportunity to introduce the youth to the motorcycling virus.

After Marlene was always a bit reluctant, when I appeared with the motorcycle, probably because of the sheer mass of the vehicle but also because of the unusual appearance of my person in helmet and motorcycle clothing, she asks today timidly, if she can “sit trial” once.

Well, of course!

So, off to the machine, only to find that there are reasons why you can drive in Germany only at the age of 18 years. Which is also clear in the picture below.

But a beginning has been made ……..

I’m packing, not as much as usual …..

…. and set off

The weather had changed the evening before. The sky closed in the course of the evening and in the night lightning and thunder indicated a possibly wet journey home.

Well, to make it short, it remains (almost) dry and the occasional raindrops are mastered by the Büse motorbike gear without any problems.

On the A31 I “twist the wrist” a bit more, after days with speed limits between 80 and 110km / h . A speed of 130-140 km / h brings me home quickly.

I throw the luggage off and drive the machine first in the garage, which i got back now on my own, after 2.5 years. Strange feeling!

The seat cushion, which I had ordered online during my trip, after Polo could not deliver locally, has also arrived.

The weather is better, so I decide not to slip out of the motorcycle clothes, but drive off again to take care of my, on the tour so heart-warming little Japanese girl, in a wash box in Gelsenkirchen. First a good clean only. I’ll take care of it tomorrow to deal with the little scratches and quirks left by the tank bag and softbags.

After the machine shines again, it goes home. Here I try the new seat cushion and realize that it, contrary to the reviews in the network fits perfectly.
To what extent it fulfills its purpose on longer tours I will be able to test in the next few days, especially with the Black Forest tour in 2 weeks.

Yes, and that was it!

Final considerations then tomorrow. For today it is enough …..

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