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Day 11 or going home with a stop over

Day 11 or going home with a stop over

At 7 o’clock the fact that it is quiet wakes me up.
Anyone who has read my entry from yesterday will understand that amazes me.
So I dare to stick my head out of the tent, hoping to find the place empty …..

I hardly get to start the disappointment of the still existing tent of the wanderer, because I am embraced almost outrageously friendly verbal.

Before the conversation is now as deep as yesterday night, I flee to the sanitary area, where I can spend 10 minutes undisturbed.

Hardly I pack my camping equipment, not without receiving from my tent neighbors an ornery background noise that is similar in parts to the sound of a sea surf, but only in parts.

Now that I am at an age when I really need to focus my mind on the wrapping activity so as not to leave behind important equipment, the conversation is quite monosyllabic.

What moves my interlocutor to the question of whether I would be a morning grouch. He expresses himself a little more cautiously, but means the same thing.

I share with him my above-mentioned opinion on focusing in old age, which he understands, but not so far that he leaves me as a conversation partner.

So I keep packing and leave at around 9 o’clock.

My TomTom yesterday offered me a ferry from Glückstadt to Wischhafen across the Elbe.

This ferry saves me a few miles past Hamburg and so I reach the ferry at 10 clock and I am pleased that the queue is not expected to be so long.

And in fact, the ferry appears about 20 minutes later and I can board with some other bikers.

Relaxed it goes in about 20 minutes on the Elbe and in Glückstadt I take the ride again.

In the course of today’s journey, I am amazed how many pleasant and sometimes winding roads the north offers.

It’s going to be a fun trip, even though temperatures are returning to an uncomfortable pace pretty quickly.

I reach Dornumersiel at 2 pm. The friends have sent me via Whatsapp where I can find the key. I still prefer to wait for them.

I see them just 1 hour later when they come back from a push bike ride.

The rest of the day will be fun, with a dinner in the restaurant followed by a “sit in” in the garden.

Worth mentioning is certainly the restaurant, which we visited.

For positive, because the food is delicious and in a quite reasonable price range, which is not always the case on the North Sea coast.

On the other hand negative and that has the following reason.
We ordered an apple spritzer as a drink for little Marlene and the following conversation ensued:

Father: Please can we have a small apple spritzer for the child, with a straw.
Service: There is no straw. The glass is too small and the straw too long.
Father: Then you cut the straw in half?
Bdienung: That can not be done, we have no scissors!

Condensed leaves us the friendly but unhelpful service employee ………

A little later comes an apple spritzer in a size that could have taken any standard straw.
Of course, Marlene is disappointed, but we join forces to mentally remove her from the idea of ​​a straw.
And it will still be a fun meal.
Marlene uses my cream sauce, which I got to the Matjesfilet to dip their fries, because her kid´s meal came with the potato sticks but without ketchup.
We did not dare to ask the in-house customer tamer for the delivery of well-known tomato spread in order not to discover more shortcomings in the local catering industry.

I get up in the early morning, yes it was actually 0:30 under the attic and sleep there blissfully for a long time again in a standard bed ……..

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