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Day 10 or back to Germany

Day 10 or back to Germany

I finally get used to it.

And I did not expect that. The mattress, which you can inflate according to the manufacturer, does not hold this extra air since the second day and thus remains a simple mattress.

But, I have learned to choose my sleeping position so that it can be a pleasant night.

So I also spent the last night a pleasant time.
Nevertheless, the warm weather drives me around 7 o`clock from the slowly warming up tent.

The way to the village is a short one, so I’m on my way and can get hold of a coffee, some morning pastries and a  newspaper at the bakery.

Why the newspaper? Germany has not really interested me for over a week. Now that i´m on my way back, you have to inform yourself whether the world is still about Mrs. Merkel, whether diesel is now prohibited everywhere, or whether motorcycles, if you do not want to ban the diesel, are now prohibited. You never know……

But far from it, everything is the same.

After breakfast i go back, pack my things. Before that, I’ll pay my fee at the reception. Although the campsite belongs to the more expensive group, but offers a service that is second to none, so its worth the price.

I grab and reject the offer for a cold water from my friendly neighbors.

Now do not dilute the effect of the coffee.

My neighbors helped yesterday on arrival with a cold beer as”first aid”, thank you very much for that again!

I leave the campsite around 10 am and set off.

Today I plan to drive to Padenstedt near Neumünster and make a short detour to the Polo-branch in Flensburg, to finally get a seat cushion there (actually I should have done that before the tour), because the saddle of my Kawasaki actually made it clear from the first day that it is not intended for long tours and thus it already fights after 1-2 hours a permanent fight with my butt. Actually, the saddle always wins.

So I drive towards Flensburg. The weather plays, as far as the clouds are concerned, there is no such thing. For that, the temperature screws through clouds completely unhindered quite quickly to a value, felt beyond the 30 degree mark.

The ride is still pleasant and I arrive at 12 o’clock at Polo, already hopeful to finally be able to do something for my seating comfort.

But far from it. The friendly staff explains to me that this is “order goods”, ie goods that are not stored directly in the shop and are available for purchase, but must be ordered via the Internet.

My Podex mumbles a short “damned”, I still clean my helmet at the entrance and then continue towards Padenstedt at Neumünster, where I want to spend the night today.

I reach the campsite Forellensee at 2:10 pm.

How do I know that?

Quite easy. I park my bike in front of the reception desk in the scorching heat and the first thing I am told after paying my fee is the fact that it is “Ruhezeit” from Noon to 3 pm, which means I can not ride my bike to the campsite. I could push it or already walk to the tent site, but drive …. see above.

Now I know, I’m back in Germany.

Luckily there is a fridge in the front desk, from which a well chilled beer laughs at me. I smile back, pay my duty and make myself comfortable in the shade in front of the reception.

45 minutes later I drive to the tent site, find a shady spot and set up my “camp”.

Showers (actually exquisite ambience, more like a wellness temple, I am amazed) 2 more beer for the afternoon and I make myself comfortable in front of my tent.

But not for long! Already at the first sight of the campground I noticed a tent that looked more like it had been left behind and the former owner had hoped that the campsite operator would dispose of it after a few days.

Not at all. The tent is inhabited. And by a young man in his early 30s, who immediately grabs my attention and does not rest until he has told me half his life story.

Among other things, he was searching “for himself” and in the course of this self-discovery, he was now on his personal Jacobs way.

Anyone who thinks I have one of these, and I say that with admiration, self-discovery walkers in front of me, who are actually traveling to Santiago di Compostella, far from it.

His Jacobs way leads him from Hamburg to …… Aurich. Almost 150km. So not quite the Jacobs way.

But okay, everyone’s his.

Since I think to find oneself also means to deal with oneself, I flee into the surrounding terrain, make a detour to the attached snack bar and thus try to avoid the campground.

Well, at some point the biggest terrain is explored and I return to my tent.

Accordingly, I find myself only a fentosecond, having taken place in my folding chair again in a conversation of special depth.

I’ll go to bed someday to leave the young man alone with him, giving him the opportunity to continue searching.

And I’m looking forward to my date the next day with a young lady who has grown dear to me and to a meeting with dear friends. All in Dornumersiel for a few days and thus only a short detour home.

Dear ones, I’m coming. But tomorrow ……..

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