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Day 06 or it gets emotional……

Day 06 or it gets emotional……

Well, the gentle reader will now ask what might have happened.
I can lighten up the worried faces now, nothing bad, but sometimes fate grabs hold of me.

But let’s start at the beginning. So this morning at around 7:45 a.m., when I left the hotel and had to realize that the rain announced for this morning had already pulled through during the night and the weather was preparing to stay dry and sunny. Definitely a positive development.

But that’s not enough as fuel for joy.
When I enter the breakfast room, a warming device that is generally used to keep scrambled eggs and fried delicacies warm in the morning gleams mischievously at me.
After a few days with increasing and decreasing breakfast quality, or abundance as far as the offer of hearty things is concerned, I had no longer hoped for something like that.
And the small stainless steel chrome hood winks at me and murmurs only for my ear to hear:
“Come over and have a look, stranger.”
And what can I say, when I let the “top shell” slide backwards, I find fluffy scrambled eggs, sausages fried to the point and, of course, crispy bacon.
An emotional tsunami rolls over me. While I quietly murmured the words “That I can still experience that” in the breakfast room, tears of joy welled up in both my eyes, with the intensity of mother’s milk, which floods the ladies into the containers intended for this purpose by nature at the first sight of their newborn .
My vision is blurry as I fill my plate.
Uli is also impressed, even if he knows how to hide it well. But once I see him swallow without taking a bite.
I don’t even manage to take a photo as proof of it…….. of the food, not like Uli swallows….

But, no matter how big the selection, at some point we are fed up, saddle the American chickens and set off on the path, the direction of which was determined yesterday by Uli on the TomTom and which he is now leading.
My God, what the man does everything to just not have to drive any more switchbacks ……

But, this route also has its charms, and so we drive along the river Tarn, which is clearly below us on the left side, while on the right the rocks “shoot up” and partly hang over the road.
So Uli takes us to Millau and the bridge that was built there, which is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture. Uli really wants to see this bridge again and admits on the way from the parking lot to the vantage point that this bridge was the real reason for the tour.
Here would be the southernmost point and from here it would go home.
I suggest that I hope his mental capacity will not collapse like a soufflé taken out of the oven too soon. Uli vehemently denies it.
Nevertheless, I will keep my ears open in the next few days and listen for a quiet but clearly audible “pfffffffffffff”. In order to classify the noise correctly and to distinguish it from a physical pressure equalization at the southern valve, I also have to use my nose…. oh god!

Whatever the case, Uli is as happy as ever and we set off on foot, yes, on foot and Uli voluntarily makes our way to the starting point.
And I have to admit, Uli is right. An imposing structure, even if I have difficulty guessing the length of the middle pylons.

Uli is, as you can clearly see on the video below, visibly “packed”.

A few minutes later we set off again and Uli leads us a few more kilometers until his willingness to drive away in front of us slowly fades away.
So I take over again, but on the route calculated at home.
And boom, haven’t you seen, we find ourselves again on the smallest streets, sometimes with and sometimes without hairpin bends. So we “hang along” our way through the day. When the boss is fed up with small roads, he goes back to the fast route, when he is fed up with fast routes, it goes again……. you guess it.
Eventually, however, we arrive in Avignon around 4:00 p.m. and arrive at our hotel just down the street from the city walls.
Check-in actually reminds me more of a cage full of fools than a hotel reception thanks to the “acting” of the receptionist, but it’s fun.
But otherwise, rooms, as has almost always been the case, excellent and excellently researched by our quartermaster Kurt, who is following this trip from home.

In the evening we go to the old town in a light beer suit to fill up our fluid stores and eat. The temperature is a cozy 30 degrees, sitting outside is a delight, so we end the day eating and drinking on Avignon’s old town streets. You could do worse!
If the bird sitting on a lantern in the Irish Pub during the last nightcap right above our table would hit the target better. He (or she) poops (there’s no other way to call it) on our table and misses both the human and the open-topped beverage container the first time. The second time, Uli gets his hand, but the drinks are spared. But Uli is still satisfied with that. Quote: “The main thing is that nothing happens to the beer!”
But the waiters are busy and clean the table immediately……

While we are going to our rooms in the hotel at around 8:30 p.m., Uli, completely unprepared, inculcates in me that I should really “piss him off” in today’s travel report.
I’m sorry, Uli. I don’t know why I should do this and I could immediately think of many other people with whom I would find it more appropriate. So it stays with the usual taunts…..and they are unsolicited…..
…… stay tuned …..

And here’s the bridge of Millau
…and here is Uli, whatsching the bridge of Millau…
Total distance: 335.25 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-06.gpx

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