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Rauchfrei seit 391 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 391 days.......


Day 07 or that will become pretty calm….

Day 07 or that will become pretty calm….

…but it was to be expected. Uli had asked for 2 overnight stays in Avignon in advance, because this is the turning point of our tour. Tomorrow we’ll head north-east, then quite definitely north.

So the end is near, but not yet in sight. We have 6 days left.

We have breakfast this morning at 8 a.m. relatively relaxed because we don’t have to pack today.
The breakfast in the garden results from the fact that our hotel trades as “Hotel & Jardin” and in fact a small refuge has been created in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a fairly large city, where we can have ours, unmolested by the construction noise and the noise of the usual road traffic can enjoy coffee. Very pleasant. Which is clearly visible in the post image. I’m no longer in Morpheus’ arms, but enjoy a pleasant company in terms of volume, since it’s hardly audible.

But even the most pleasant breakfast must come to an end at some point if we are to do anything. Uli has planned a short trip to the Pont du Garde, almost 30 kilometers away. So we don’t give a damn about French legal requirements, after all we haven’t seen anyone with a yellow safety vest in the last 6 days, but all the more French people with shorts and T-shirts on motorcycles over 125ccm.
So we dress casually, but don’t do without helmet and gloves and drive the short trip to Pont du Garde.
Uli knows his stuff, finds the right parking space and, haven’t you seen, we’re on our way towards the viaduct. It’s amazing what the Romans achieved in about 50 years AD.
Already an imposing building, I have to admit without envy. We walk (yes, Uli is there) over the lower level and even climb a few more steps to get to the upper level. Unfortunately, a locked door there prevents us from penetrating to the end.
There only groups from 20 and only after registration.

  1. We are not that many…
  2. We don’t.
    So back…….. back to the motorcycles and finally and finally back to Avignon.
    Even if I only report briefly here, the visit was worth it, no question.

Arriving back in Avignon, I force Uli to walk to the next supermarket in the old town at around 12:30 p.m., meaning he didn’t want to stay alone in the hotel and therefore had to move….
I am drawn there because, in addition to all the calories from baguettes, white bread and other plentiful carbohydrates, I finally wanted to eat some fruit again.
Uli asks me to bring him 2 bananas. I am so perplexed that I ask twice and then only buy fruit for my passenger after written confirmation.
After returning, Uli retires for what he thinks, but I don’t, for a well-deserved nap.
It pulls me, bereft of any human mind at about 30 degrees in the jogging shoes and I do a lap around the old town of Avignon, always along the wall, the wall always to my left.
So I actually find my way back after about 40 minutes.

The evening begins around 4:30 p.m. (yes, that early) with a walk (yes, Uli is there) to the Palace of the Popes to indulge in culture. The palace is at the other end of the old town and I’m not a little impressed, I thought that the morning and midday walks would have filled Uli’s monthly ration for June.
Not at all…..
We stroll from the palace in the direction of “Bridge of Avignon”, cross a busy main street (I can just stop Uli from crossing well next to the zebra crossing and push him about 50m to the left, where we can safely cross 4 lanes) around us look at half the bridge.

And I still think like this: “Are they lucky that the bridge was dilapidated 1000 years ago. Then nobody cares. Woe would that happen today…… What do you call it? Mercy of the early damage?” Uli is on his way back, this time voluntarily at the zebra crossing, looking for dinner and of course a beer.

As far as food is concerned, we find what we are looking for not far from yesterday’s restaurant and since both Uli and I were the first, we treat ourselves to a steak……
We spend the rest of the evening in a nice restaurant on the way to the hotel, Uli with the usual cold barley dish, I with my pastis.
The mood is good, the alcohol levels the emotional world and so what could be more natural than to ask Uli for a summary of the first half.
He does this:

  1. Gladly
  2. Off the cuff.
    The result can be seen below as a video. A kind of interim certificate for the caregiver.

Yes, and then it’s off to home or to the hotel, where Uli is probably already sleeping towards tomorrow while his caregiver is still finishing today’s “care report”.

Tomorrow expectes a stage less than 200 kilometers and almost 3-4 hours long. “Piece of cake” would say the english tounge.
In this sense, tomorrow we continue. So…stay tuned…..

And here is the interim certificate for the civil service……

Uli’s speech no translation ….

…and of course, here are the pictures.

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