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Day 05 or the notary has ….

Day 05 or the notary has ….

But that certainly raises one or the other eyebrow to underline the question of how on earth does he come up with this title again……
It becomes clearer when you look at the pictures below.

There’s just no connection…

Therefore simply to the daily events.
Uli greets me this morning with the words “I’ve had enough!”
But thank God he doesn’t refer to the complete tour, but actually only to yesterday, which with more than 300 kilometers and more than 7 hours “on the road” didn’t just get into his rotten bones. I’m also showing slight signs of wear this morning.

At breakfast we look at today’s stage and realize that it will be just as long, if not a little longer, both in terms of distance and travel time.
With coffee, croissants and lots of jam and other sweets (sometimes they just can’t manage that with a reasonable breakfast) we decide to approach the tour differently and end up at about 240 kilometers and a little more than 4 hours driving time.
Uli quietly says goodbye to many wild canyons that, according to his memory, we would have driven on the original route. But, some parts of his body break out in frenetic cheering, which can even be heard at the next table. How embarrassing!

Before we drive, we go in the wrong direction for a few kilometers to fill up the half-empty tank from yesterday as a precaution. We have become cautious. The gas station network that TomTom makes available to us has only a limited connection to the local network (gas station closed temporarily or forever).

With fresh, liquid and flammable dinosaurs in the container, we set off.
Which is actually a little less curvy than yesterday, but still makes driving fun.
At the first rest we agree that we should adapt the route more to ourselves and our age. I summarize:

  • Switchbacks don’t have to be quite so sharp from now on, we aren’t that sharp anymore either.
  • This constant up and down is just not ours anymore. Therefore, it may also be a high plateau.
  • Of course, what applies to the ups and downs also applies to the in and out. In stillness lies strength.

With this almost Zen-like perspective, we get through the day fabulously, stop at amazing structures, have lunch outdoors with the usual sausage and bread, and finally arrive in La Malene at 3:30 p.m., much more relaxed.
The last kilometers before the village make me hesitate a bit. Here, at what feels like the end of nowhere, is there supposed to be a nice little hotel?

But I am taught better. A neat little village welcomes us, the hotel is a splendor and the atmosphere has something friendly and tranquil, the temperatures are slightly uncomfortably warm.
We board our room and half an hour later sit with a cool, freshly tapped beer and praise Kurt, our quartermaster for the formidable hotel search.
It’s going to be a pleasant evening, which I’m slowly ending with these lines.

We decided to change something for tomorrow’s tour over steak and ravioli.
On the one hand, it is to be shortened at over 300 kilometers, on the other hand, Ulrich looks at the switchbacks that are planned to get us out of the way tomorrow and decides to leave the place in a different direction.

And I, of course, has to follow as caregiver. More tomorrow. Stay tuned….

As mentioned above, the planned route was not the route driven today.
Nevertheless, I put them here, because unfortunately we didn’t “record” the driven ones….

Total distance: 309.88 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-05.gpx

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