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Day 04 or the routing Dutchman can only be trusted every now and then

Day 04 or the routing Dutchman can only be trusted every now and then

But from the beginning.
After Uli indulged in international football yesterday and watched a game without Bayern participation but with a German coach, this morning he is on his way to the obligatory packing of the panniers quite early and in a moody mood.
His walk is buoyant, the eyes are clear and the nose is wet……. wait a minute, that’s a different genre, please excuse me. Not that I’m still writing, his fur is shiny…

So, to put it briefly, he’s in pretty good shape.
Packing works, breakfast can come…… and it comes

I can pull out the camera earlier this time, I’m forewarned and I actually manage to take a snapshot of the breakfast tray that hasn’t been “kicked off” yet. But, you have to be quick, so the shot might be shaky……
Pay particular attention to the arrangement of sausage, cheese and baguette in the same direction and position, especially on the rear tray, which enables the bread to be topped in a flash. We remember: efficiency is, in the truest sense of the word, the engineer’s daily bread!

We have decided to continue following the drug-addicted Dutchman and first follow the prepared tour that is supposed to take us today from Bellegarde-sur-Valserine to Tournon-sur-Rhone in just over 6 hours over 260km.
The calculation of the average speed makes me sweat in the morning, but Uli knows how to wipe it off in a flash with the words “Et ess noch immer joht jejange” (which means so far it worked out every time) and a microfiber cloth.
Every now and then I have a lot of respect for the Rhenish serenity……..

Anyway, we set off around 9:30 am (things are starting to settle down).
I summarize 6 hours (without a break) here in a few points.

  • Cornering works now
  • Passes up works now
  • Passes down works now
  • Turning 180 degrees works now
  • Driving curves like turning 180 degrees is now possible

It’s hard to believe what the stoned Gouda disciple has added up, but, as mentioned above, we stubbornly follow.
But, of course, you also have to say that we see something of the area. No wonder, since we drive around every milk can on the road at least once. Well, we’re not going in circles today.

All impressions are compiled in the gallery at the end. (But please don’t “fast-forward” now!)

The roads vary again from 4-lane to 1-lane with horn before curve (as a precaution), from “Here everyone drives” to “Here nobody drives but us”.
And so we reel off the kilometers bravely, sometimes with raised eyebrows at the landscape and enjoy the almost cloudless sky and pure nature.

The fact that the block of cheese wants to send us 2 times the wrong way down a one-way street and that most of the gas stations indicated have long since been abandoned is due to the impurities in the hemp.

But at some point every day’s stage comes to an end, our strength dwindles and on a few kilometers of expressway at the end we get closer to our stage destination. Finally, after a few kilometers of the modern city, we end up in the old town district, which kindly has a few bars and restaurants within walking distance (Uli’s is almost 20m) in addition to our hotel.
We check into the hotel, which is apparently the oldest building on the square, and find that the rooms are certainly not ultra-modern, but all the more charming. So you set yourself up. When we arrived, we signaled to the maitre that we wanted to eat at his restaurant in the evening.
However, as the French tend to eat late, we change clothes and explore the nearby area (actually more than 20m) which consists of the marina and a cluster of bars and restaurants.

In a bar, Uli discovers beer “pression”, i.e. tapped under pressure. His thinking stops, the cerebellum gains the upper hand and we sit down for 2 beers (each, it’s not that easy to get out of the number) at an outdoor table. And so time passes much more viscous than when sitting on the hot stovetop ……

Since our host turns on the stove at around 7 p.m., we go to our rooms for a moment and then meet again at 7 p.m. outside the hotel/restaurant.
And, haven’t you seen, the restaurant is very busy. We don’t care, we were reserved a table and we treat ourselves to a French-style a la carte meal after translating the offerings using Google and thus at least being able to identify the processed animal.
Uli had a steak, I had a duck (I don’t even want to know what part, it was delicious) and Uli confirmed my opinion.

We treat ourselves to something high-percentage at the end.
Uli needs it complicated again, a Wililiams, in French an eau-de-vie de poire (that’s 5 words for a schnapps!).
Settling for a plain pastis, I’m finally learning how it’s served in a French restaurant, many years after making this aniseed drink my favourite.
So like educational leave!

All in all a successful day and just such an evening. this can go on.
and now, for those who stayed at home, a few pictures to make you jealous ……….

Here is a video of the Col de Columbier. Attention, spoilers, at the end of the video the boss walks through the picture. He wants to convince himself of the work of his employees……

Where are we going now……

Total distance: 257.61 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-04.gpx

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