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Day 03 or our whatsapp group ist called “Zweikreiser”, but ……

Day 03 or our whatsapp group ist called “Zweikreiser”, but ……

….. nevertheless, we only drive once a day in a circle.
I don’t want to bore anyone now, from where to where we drove. This can also be found in the attached GPX document at the end.
Instead, I prefer to explain the title.

And that is explained as follows.
Yesterday I already indicated that I had to bet on the routing Dutchman, whether in his own case or in my mobile phone on a really serious drug abuse, rather.
I drift away …..

As you can read and see in the first post about this trip, I had already worked out the individual daily stages in advance according to Uli’s wishes and selected TomTom’s own category “Thrill intermediate”.
As it turned out again today, a mistake in this area. But I should have been suspicious beforehand, as the routes were given with an average speed of 50km/h or less.

So we start again today according to the specification of the block of cheese, after we have stocked up on breakfast.
At first it’s quite passable, but by noon we end up in some little forest, on streets, not wider than a car and not necessarily looking like a thoroughfare.
At some point in the afternoon, I decide to simply “run over” 2 turn-off signs and thus force the frenzied Dutchman to take a different route.
But now the lord of the streets is unpacking his full baggage. Inwardly, digitally grinning maliciously, at some point he dropped the remarks “Please drive left and turn around if possible” and showed me a clear yellow line in my direction.
I rejoice! 1-0 for Germany.
But about 40 minutes later, the voice announcement sends me to the right and I realize that I had already taken this entrance 50 minutes ago, albeit in an oncoming manner.
So we went in circles for 50 minutes. And yes, game set and match for Holland……
By the way, when I write “I” when it comes to driving, that naturally includes Uli, who follows all the mischief like a shadow.
But now he’s taking the helm. I give up. Uli enters the end address in his navigation system, chooses the quickest route and confidently takes the lead. I think hunger and thirst actually gave him something like wings.
And so we finally get to the hotel around 5:30 p.m.
Checking in, changing clothes and checking out for dinner then go quite quickly.
I need Uli to walk 900m to the pizzeria and on the way back we stop at the supermarket to buy some provisions for tomorrow. 2 chorizos and 2 small baguettes are going on tour tomorrow.
And now it’s 10:30 p.m. It’s about time I put the pictures up and comment.
You can find all of that below.

stay tuned……

Total distance: 290.81 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-03.gpx

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