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Day 02 or 8 hours is 1 shift …..

Day 02 or 8 hours is 1 shift …..

If you’re wondering how the writer came up with this title again, it’s relatively easy.
We were on the road for almost 8 hours today, with a total of less than 1 hour break and Uli and I, on average 67 years old, think that it shouldn’t just lead over field, forest and meadow paths, as the traveling Dutchman suggested but also over pass roads, up and down the hill, then you don’t have to be ashamed if you notice your back and buttocks towards the end.

But first of all, the chronicler’s duty to mentally review the breakfast this morning.
The quantity is so perfect that we shamelessly grab a couple of sandwiches for the road and the friendly staff even give us a couple of bread bags to stow away the food properly and not to grate the meat under the saddle like tartar soldiers used to do in the past. In terms of content, I like good home cooking, so, as we unanimously think, at €17.50 still too expensive, but the “too” isn’t that big anymore.
All in all an interesting view of supply and demand. But if I were to go in that direction again, I would definitely choose accommodation in the valley…. because, more supply and less demand.

But now for the awkward part.
Kurt left us this morning, the quartermaster went home. With a heavy heart he had to admit that he and the Royal Star don’t harmonize with each other. And in view of the upcoming stretches (see above, mountain passes, field, forest and so on) he didn’t have a good feeling after yesterday. Respect for the decision, because he would certainly have loved to ride with us and I have to say, Uli and I would have loved to have had him with us.
Uli is now missing a caregiver and I am missing a colleague (muuaahahaha). But I’ll try my best…I promise.

At around 9:30 a.m. we set off on the road. For Uli and me to the right, following the driving Dutchman, for Kurt to the left, onto the autobahn and then in the direction of home. And, spoiler alert, he got there safely a few hours later. So far so good….

So Uli and I reel off one kilometer after the other. The daily stage is about 320km long and should take about 7 hours.
Somehow we notice over time that the Dutchman really doesn’t miss an opportunity to guide us to wilderness. And so we drive on paved roads, which are hardly wider than a car through the dark fir trees. Quite uplifting. But when we are supposed to turn right to continue on a road that actually only consists of 2 tire lanes for a car, with tall grass in between, I no longer trust the Dutchman’s drug-freedom and refuse to follow him. We turn around and lo and behold, it can be done better.

Of course, on the way we take a short break somewhere in the fir-covered solitude to eat the sandwiches we brought with us as a snack. After 250 kilometers in ???? we also find a gas station, both for fuel and for cash.
After we couldn’t pay by card yesterday, we stock up on some paper money to be on the safe side.

I let the rest of the tour be recalculated from there, just to make progress a little faster.
Lo and behold, it works. Around 5:30 p.m. we arrive in the industrial area of ​​Bessoncourt, near the B&B Hotel. Similarly spartan, but significantly cheaper.

Uli has, he really has an eye for that, spotted a beer tap in the reception area and asks in broken French if it could also crow. They say yes, and bam, not a fraction of a second later (about 30 minutes are 1 second in this case) we are sitting in the reception/breakfast room with a cold beer. Then there will be 2 of them (per person, of course, hello, we’re adults!), but it doesn’t matter.
We get the hint that there is a pizzeria a few meters away.
So I strap Uli, the dyslexic, on my back and we find ourselves back in the establishment around 6:15 p.m. Before I sit down, I unbuckled Uli, of course, what does it look like otherwise and eating would also be difficult.
Unfortunately, as we can hardly find out, the kitchen doesn’t open until around 7 p.m., which means around 7:30 p.m. for a la carte before the first dishes can be brought out.
Too long for Uli. We are therefore offered a lasagna with a salad, which can be served before 7 p.m.
All right, let’s have lasagna. I’ll add a salad, Uli won’t. But, Verena, I forced him to eat 2 forks, really……

Well, and so the day slowly comes to an end. Uli takes the last few meters to the hotel alone, as I turn briefly and get a few simple snacks for tomorrow at noon in the nearby supermarket and last but not least my holiday drink, a small bottle of Pastis, which is also right now in front of me and the contents of which makes the writing significantly more viscous.

And so, last but not least, the pictures from today and the planned tour, which we drove almost like this…….
stay tuned……

Total distance: 326.47 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-02.gpx

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