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Rauchfrei seit 894 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 894 days.......


Day 7 or i expected it…

Day 7 or i expected it…

And now the boy is on his own.

As I write these lines, the silence of the no-falling rain surrounds me, which has now taken almost an hour to get me to the intro line.

But from the beginning.

The night was good, the sleep undisturbed and thus the morning edifying.

Denise and Normand provide me with a morning coffee one last time, then everything is packed and we start our own way.

The two first walk into town, then start with fresh supplies heading north, leaving me without provisions heading south.

First to the gas station, then it goes on the highway 13 and E134 to Haukeligrend.

The weather plays along as always, the mood is lifted accordingly.

This changes slowly as the trip progresses, because the weather changes too. More and more cloudy sky, only partially sunny spots. Nevertheless, the track is fun. From narrow gauge with waiting times because of oncoming traffic to well developed and long curves everything there.

At about 10:30 I treat myself with a second breakfast at a small Esso gasstation in Kinsarvik.

Then on to the south, where a short time later I come across a fairly long construction site. Road only conditionally available, rather mud and gravel. But fine, I have to go through that. After almost 3 kilometers the construction site ends and just as I leave, the street is closed behind me. As I learned later, the site would be closed for blasting for 1.5 hours.

Lucky mehr.

The onward journey brings me ever higher into the mountains, so that I drive through one ski resort after the other. Now at this time of course quite lonely and only now and then are construction workers busy with the necessary renovations after the old or before the new season.

Since my TomTom indicates No gas station for a long time  I slowly come to pondering because of the lonely altitude, I’m just before Haukeligrend on the sat nav show the gas stations. See there, the next one is only 1km further than the exit to the highway 9.

So there at 2 o’clock gasoline and something edible for the evening get hold of.

Around 3 pm in Bykle I wonder if my tired buttocks are going to sleep. To Kristiansand it is still a good 2.5 hours and since tomorrow I want to take the ferry until 16:30, I drive only to Rysstad and book myself here in a hotel with attached campsite.

Tent set up, showered and already starts the rain.

And with that we are back to my lines from the beginning …….

Let’s see if I can pack everything dry tomorrow ……

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