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Day 8 or Back to Denmark

Day 8 or Back to Denmark

Yesterday was a long day and therefore I was a little bit lazy, which means, only today I can sum up to yesterday’s day.

What happened next?

After spending the night in the rain under the roof of an old wooden shed and thinking about the possibilities of a “wet” departure while I wrote the blog entry, the night came. And she came with cold and rain.

So the first bad day of this trip, as far as the weather is concerned.

The night was short, interrupted by an “outdoor stay” in the rain. Sometime between 2:50 o’clock (my “outside appointment”) and my awakening the next morning at 6:30 clock, the rain must have stopped. Unfortunately, but not before 2:50 clock, so that I carelessly transported 1.5 liters of rain into my tent when i crawled back into it.

This showed up the next morning. Half the tent bottom and half the underside of the air mattress where shining mischievous in the color wet.

I got up at about 6:30 am, carried the wet air mattress to a place where it was supposed to dry, which was difficult to predict given the cloudy weather, a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and lack of sunshine, and was the first to change into motorcycle gear.

Not to go out and leave the camping gear to their fate, no, just to warm up faster. Did I mention the nightly temperatures?

Since I could no longer count on the lovingly prepared coffee a la Normand, I took a short walk to the nearest gas station to take care of breakfast there.

At about 6:50 am, I realized that it would not be open until 7:30 am, so another walk, until coffee and 3 buns of interesting design would be my own and directly afterwards my breakfast.

Interesting rolls anyway. Soft in consistency, pleasant in taste and with incorporated brittle pieces. Strange but delicious.

While I was thinking about the drug rush that had moved the baker to this combination, the sun showed up and my hope for a reasonably dry onward journey increased.

To make it short, the rollback had also recorded water entry, but by 10 o’clock everything was stowed away dry and I could start my ride.

My ferry left at 16:30, so enough time to get to Kristiansand.

The ride was pleasant, accompanied only by a few raindrops.

I arrived at the place around 12:30 and initially booked a place on the ferry in the local office of the ferry operator.

Compared with the price for the 45-minute crossing from Puttgarden to Rødby, the price for the 3.5-hour crossing from Kristiansand to Hirtshals was actually cheap, namely only 10 € more expensive.

So I spent the time between 12:30 and 16:30 clock mainly with waiting. Only interrupted by the conversation with a Dutch couple, who noticed that he drove a 125 Honda with 10 HP and she drove a 30 year old Citroen CV2 with only slightly more displacement and horsepower.

Both had also made it to Bergen and were now on the return journey.

And what should I write? The ferry arrived, the crossing was calm and relaxed, with a certain cruise feel about the ferry’s equipment and finally I landed around 19:30 in Hirtshals.

The address of the campsite I had previously entered into the gps and barely 10 minutes after I left the ferry, I knew where I could set up my tent.

As the weather had become pleasant Like summer, I was able to dry the still wet things and finally shake off the horrors of the night before.

It was a relaxed evening …… which is why I am writing now…..

I ask for leniency …….

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