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Day 4 or the Elk is calling…

Day 4 or the Elk is calling…

I mean, today it goes into the country of the Köttbullar and the furniture in parts.

In the morning around 8:30 our trip begins and because it is so easy, again on the highway. Copenhagen is still half asleep, or the rush hour is already over. We arrive in Helsingør quite quickly and are only stopped by the fact that we have to wait for the ferry again. The ride should take only 20 minutes. Maybe you would have more speed and a set up ramp at the right angle ….. without a ferry ….. with a lot of momentum?

But please, the price for the crossing is moderate and who wants a wet bike.

So, off on the ferry to Helsingborg and thus from Denmark to Sweden.

The ferry only takes 20 minutes from coast to coast, but that’s enough for the sensible Nordic people to stock up on alcohol and cigarettes. But beware: in Danish waters only alcohol is sold, in Swedish only tobacco products. So if you love both, just go shopping twice.

In Helsingborg, we decide first again for the highway to Halmstadt from there to Varberg as far as possible along the coast. Significantly more interesting, but also much slower. 70-80 on country roads, sometimes only 50 and in town legendary 30 km / h. That pushes the cut huge.

Since we decide for a campsite north of Gothenburg, it goes back to the highway. Avoiding Gothenburg would have been quite a detour and would have delayed our arrival in the late afternoon. Too late, because a bag of Laundry is waiting for me, otherwise tomorrow I have to stink ….. or ride naked under the Büse gear.  Both are not a pleasant idea.

The drive through Gothenburg in the beginning rush hour is actually, despite the city highway a stop and go over a good hour. Lanes, exits and entrances look more like tossed spaghetti and together lead to traffic jams on every corner.

At some point, something dissolves slowly and the last half hour is a bit more relaxed to Kungälv, where we set up our camp for the night and I also Set up my clotheline.

A good shower and a hand wash later and i’m back in Business.

The weather is still fantastic and the little Japanese girl pulls off her program without any upsets. I want to hope that it stays that way……

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