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Rauchfrei seit 760 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 760 days.......


Why we won´t make it …..

Why we won´t make it …..

…. to the next century.

So not only me, that’s clear, but, as I have to assume, the whole of humanity. Right now, so in the middle of April I’m sitting on the balcony after a day with 27 degrees and “enjoy”  the evening with a little more pleasant temperatures and think about, that at that time actually different temperatures would be announced.
But, the obvious temperature shift up is just one point.

A few days ago I ordered 2 fairing screws for my Z1000 on the internet at a  online retailer shop. 2 screws that, I thought, in their sheer size would have fit into a padded envelope. But, far from it. What the brave DHL messenger delivered today, was a handsome package in which 200 of these screws would have fit. Since the screws are already installed, I put a 1 € piece next to it, which roughly corresponds to the size of the screws. Can you recognize it? If the eyesight is not “very well”, at the bottom, the little spot. That was about the actual content of the package.
But why does that bring me to the above theme of our extermination? Pretty easy. Even if so many experts warn again and again about climate change and the unrestrained use of our resources, we do not listen. We dont care. Or in other words, we just fuck it. At the moment, we behave in such a way that we need 3 earths in the long run, in order to get along reasonably with the available “materials”. And that shows itself in all situations of life.
I always come to the comparison with the two frogs. And that goes something like this:
You take 2 frogs. One is thrown into boiling water, the other is placed in lukewarm water that is heated. What is happening? The frog in the boiling water immediately recognizes the danger and tries to escape. The frog in the water that is heated remains stupid and silently sitting until the water reaches a temperature that kills it.
And now the question of all questions. Which of these frogs are we? No, it’s clear, Atze Schröder would say (German comedian).
And indeed it is clear, right? Therefore, please do not change anything, continue as before and no reversal to reason. Exterminating ourselves is the only way to save this planet permanently. And therefore, next time please send the two screws individually! In 2 packages, with double volume, if possible still as heavy transport …… okay?

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