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Trari trahir the German Post is here …….

Trari trahir the German Post is here …….

…. so the mail already. This good old flagship of mail and parcel transportation.
Well, not only that the mail arrives, mostly, no, the german Post has arrived somewhere in the private corporate world.

After the state had withdrawn, at least in part, and let the company glide into the shark tank of the free economy, not without the ballast of innumerable “Beamter” with corresponding non-cancellability on its back and still keep its hands with a participation of 20.9% in the business, it seems that the political consequences of this privatization have not completely arrived.

How else would it be explained that today, in order to drive a new pig through the village again, an outcry of politics is unmistakable.
What´s the reason? Very simple. German Post looks at things like sick leave and work efficiency when releasing employment contracts, as can be seen here and elsewhere.
Thus, it does the same thing that all other private companies do, or have to do, if they want to at least partially win the war as a global player.
And that doesn´t fit Mr Scholz, designated Federal Minister of Economics not at all in his sooo socially characterized big plan.
He wants to take care of it. Great! But first only at the German Post. Crap!
Although, it already testifies to a certain degree of self-understanding, if one is aware that companies like Amazon probably smile rather tired, if Mr. Scholz ……. yes, whatever does.

The fact is, as is often stated by labor lawyers in radio, television and printed newspapers, that the postal service complies with the law.
What is happening here? Sure, that’s part of the “law.” In other words, the German Post is working on the specifications that  Mr. Scholz and his on a lot of retinal spots collapsed colleagues have put in the world.

And now one wonders, that was all okay, until it hit the German Post?

The conclusion can only sound like this:

Stuttgart21, the Berlin Airport and the Elbphilharmonie and many other examples of wasting taxes have obviously not opened the eyes of our German political gang wide enough.

Dear Full-time politicians, you can not do it, you do not have it and you obviously do not learn it either.
Your economic leadership skills do not even suffice for a small, medium-sized business.
I apologize to our hard-working SMEs, this is just a size comparison!
That’s why you’re professional politicians. Your law against incredible hiking rent for residential rent, alas, also such a topic, has been ground to dust between the millstones of turbo-capitalism.
While you are drafting a law that is still far from being adopted, business leaders are already meeting in conference rooms at German airports to come up with the best evasion tactic.
And if you then let your political flatulence blow as a milestone of history through the States, the great business leader have long ago trickled some “avoidance perfume” on their, suit color matching handkerchief and still breathe the pleasant air of profit maximization.

You just do not learn it.

The funnier, if your own shit of the employment contract period now flies around your ears.

Duck, there’s more …….

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