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Day 2 or why I don´t have to move for the next 5 days …

Day 2 or why I don´t have to move for the next 5 days …

The new mattress? To talk like Horst Lichter, a dream.

At 8 o’clock, read and be amazed, I wake up. So i slept about 11 hours. Wow. But now drives me an aging bladder in a joint venture with an equally old prostate. So I do what I have to do (and I really have to!) and start coffee after returning home. Learned yesterday and not forgotten until today. Alz-what?

Works for me.

After the coffee I decide to visit the beach first. Fortunately, the food market is on the way, so I catch 2 buns of unknown content. I am not familiar with the Dutch language and here are explanations only in this language, so heartily bitten into a roll and what can I say, it fits.

With the breakfast to go i´m heading towards the beach. As a “short-marker” I have set the “Ecomare”. A kind of tourist attraction with seal station.

My campsite is located halfway between the town of Den Burg and the beach. Wherever I go, I have to walk more than a few steps.

Finally, I reach the Ecomare, but I resist the toddler-big eyes of a striking advertised at the entrance that shows a “howler” and save me the 13 € entrance fee. Instead, it drives me on to the beach.

That lies a few minutes later in its full glory in front of me. The vastness of the field of vision, the sound of the waves, the fine sand under my feet, everything feels like a vacation, so it could really be a vacation.

So I walk along the beach, buy a cap in one of the, of course, resident “stores”, that should hold my meanwhile longer hair in the bridle. Good thing, because the wind is more violent than in Gladbeck or the Sauerland.

So I take a few meters of beach under my feet and then go back to the campsite for a deserved afternoon nap.

Who is resting is strong and not least the wanted lack of entertainment of the state or private entertainment industry drives me after a short break in the next townplace, which is about as far away as the beach.

So on to Den Burg.

Well, there is not much to tell about the place. One tourist shop next to the other. With a bit of luck, I can actually find a baker, where I grap some food, although I understand only half here, because everything is written down in Dutch. But fits also this time. That is to say, I did not accidentally choose any insane baking combination that is familiar to the Dutch, but that, in doubt, leaves us Germans with a “strange” feeling in the stomach for days.

So on through a place and in a big arc back to my temporary home.

And what should I say or write? In the end, my digital personal trainer cheers me with almost 36,000 steps in my ear. On a normal day in the office I might manage, so if it runs well almost 6000.

So I could lie around the next 5 days purely statistically completely comatose somewhere and would have my cut in the bag.

But I do not have to. Tomorrow will see me on my way to Hoek Van Holland.

Why go there?

Pretty easy. It was the place on the coast with the least rainfall in the next few days. Let’s see what it looks like there.

More of that tomorrow. Now the 36K steps beat mercilessly …………


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