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Buy motorbike clothes, the right way ….

Buy motorbike clothes, the right way ….

It’s always been the same thing.
Off to Polo, Louis or Gericke, a supposed bargain from the almost unfathomable fund of East Asian sewing art, pay the price and find out at home that either the sleeves of the jacket or the pants legs are too short. Of course, the special offer is not really waterproof, because the “membrane” (something with -Tex at the end) is only dabbed and stops the cooperation already in light showers completely.

Now you should think, if something comes in from the outside, something could actually get out from inside. Keyword “breathable”!
But, far from it. The lack of cooperation of the BlaBla-Tex membrane does not apply to all directions. Means, after a few minutes in the sun you stew, who does not know that, in your own juice.
But, that is well known, after all, we do not buy a high-tech astronaut suit for the equivalent of a dinner for 2 at a 3-star-chef-owned restaurant, even if the things are sometimes advertised that way, or as with some premium brands, the price actually moves in the direction “I want to fly into space”.

Since I drive now an “almost” naked bike, the little shy part above the headlight can hardly be called “windshield”, and my bike is registered year-round, I needed in addition to the “cheap” summer clothes still a reasonable al-weather bike suit.
Actually, I’m not so out of style. 186cm tall, almost 90Kilo heavy, although a big ass when it comes to my mouth, but a small ass in terms of seating area.
Well, nothing special.
Nevertheless, as mentioned above, for me it makes little sense to buy pants and jacket of the same size. But if I choose the trousers 1 or 2 numbers smaller, it actually resembles one of those fashionable for the ladies so popular Capri or 7/8th trousers. And I can not use that on the bike, unless I wear so-called “overknee” boots of the ladies’ world.
But then, who takes me seriously on a bike meeting? Or worse, who winks at me and wants to take me seriously but also home?
But, finally, to come across the Pudel’s core, as we say, I drove after many years once again to Holzwickede to the team of “Joy Motorradbekleidung”.
There I was already finding  pants to fit many years ago when it came to the point to buy motorbike pants for my current Sozia. Either because the ladies couldn´t find a fit at Polo etc. , because there are only mannequins served, or because the size but the cut just did not fit.

Jenny, obviously the good soul of the business, received me, shortly estimated my needs in size and two pants and two jackets later I was an extremely satisfied owner of a Büse motorcycle suit, and that, despite the intensive consultation at a price, that Polo etc couldn´t beat for a moment.
The whole thing had taken 20 minutes. And after wearing the suit for the first time today, I can only say hat off and bend forward..
Guys, you are friendly, decent and what does not often exist today, mega competent. I try to find out in the next few days, why I did not come to you earlier.
Please continue like this. The guest book proves that you are doing everything right.

I’m not really anyone who advertises “publicly,” but it definitely makes sense to do that for you.

So, to all who have problems with the size like me, off to Holzwickede, there you can be helped.

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