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Rauchfrei seit 894 Tagen.......

Smoke free for 894 days.......


Day 3 or it is completely different ….

Day 3 or it is completely different ….

… ..which refers to the campsite of this evening. But in the end more.

Well, I forget about the remarks regarding the last night. At some point it will be uninteresting. Unless the gentle reader works in a sleep laboratory and could thus bring forward work interest.
If so, I would like to put together an Excel spreadsheet for a small fee. Inquiries here under this number.
At 7 o’clock i pull myself out of the bedstead, the sun shines gently through the branches and if I lie down further for a long time, it will be crisp hot again.
So, first to the own coffee bar. 2 cups on Ex, the tongue thanks, fits. But, cigarette and coffee work for the intestine activity, like oxygen to open flame.
And like all those who read my article yesterday, toilet paper is about as common as ……. warm water.
But i have to do, what has to be done. And is regulated exactly as it was last night.
And here, in order to make things a little more alerted: I take suggestions, how I have probably mastered the situation. For additional info, no business or shop around and asking fellow campers is not allowed.
Please only one suggestion per nose, turnip noses are allowed twice and all others, please at the back left, but only one cross (Monty Python sends greetings).
Everything wrapped up, the power supply and the key for the sanitary facilities returned and a little bit before 9 clock I’m on the way.
Actually, the first 120km were already planned for yesterday, but I notice that 250km and thus 5 hours (with breaks then 6) suffice in the long run. And so I have to ride first the “left overs”.
It pulls me in the direction of Dieppe south, but then turn off in Verton to the right to look for something edible.
Just before Berck-Sur-Mer I lose myself in an industrial / shopping area and find first Rotten Ronald (still closed) and shortly thereafter Lidl (already open). So Lidl wins the contest and I get the price which is 2 cheese sandwich toasts and some cold coffee. I am grateful and will be there a second time that day.
And now get rid of the calories. Back to Verton and right to the south, but not losing sight of the coast.
And so the desire to see the water drives me again and again to detour to the “right”, off the planned route. For example, in Cayeux-sur-Mer, where I take a break and take the first pictures.
About Brutelles and Saint-Martin-En-Campagne (who please comes up with those names?). I finally come to Dieppe. Nice little place, of course, with a harbor, but very nice to go on, so continue to stop just behind Dieppe, more precisely above Hautot-sur-Mer for snap breathing. The view is worth it. Both stopping and breathing.
I’ll let it melt on the cloudy eyeballs first and it costs me 20 minutes, but what the hell.
I’m “strolling” in the sixth gear over the promenade and looking forward to Bolle.
But that’s not all, the next few kilometers lead to the coast, sometimes away from it, but always on small, fine streets, on which hardly any traffic comes to me. In Sotteville-sur-Mer, I think for a pause. The small market place as painted, in the middle a restaurant, as one imagines in France, of which there must be pictures taken, which i did, see below.
In Saint-Sylvain, I finally turn south, and off the coast. I had avoided planning for Le Havre. Why I do not remember, but I follow.
Near Louvetot I make the last break. The planned route I can not finish anyway, that would be just under 4 hours drive and the temperatures have now arrived at the border.
My camping app is again at my service and offers me a 4-star place, just 30 minutes to the south. His name is La Foret, and at first the hairs on my neck are reluctant. That’s the name of yesterday, too. Should that be about a chain ……
Anyway, I’ll try it, enter the address into the TomTom and drive off.
And while I’m driving, I think about dinner, and especially about where I could “chase” it. For hours I had driven on small roads through picturesque little villages, without even the whiff of a supermarket to see.
To make it short, barely finished, a friendly Lidl appears on the right for the second time that day, where I can shop for the last Supper.
And that’s not enough, barely 3 kilometers further Aldi! So, when it hits in your face, it hits twice, right?
But now finally to the title. The place turns out to be a pearl. For 15 € I get a shady place and, before the question arises, yes, the showers donate warm water and, yes, paper is available in sufficient quantity for me. And therefore, it works differently.
So, the second pastis is poured, gentle readers are waiting for this post and I have to, no, I still want to make a call.
And to the friends who are sweating in Germany while I’m sitting in the shade at a whopping 22 degrees: Yes, I’m sorry for you …… At least a little bit.
Stay tuned …….

Total distance: 248.75 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: Südküste-20190625.gpx

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