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Day 2 or ….. Oh what a night……

Day 2 or ….. Oh what a night……

Actually, the night, to be honest, was not so bad. Cold as a pig, just one nightly walk to the washroom , but, most importantly, the air mattress actually offers a service that can be described as good. The number of bruises I suspected overnight went to zero. My back was still in one piece, which I had expected only hesitantly.

Thus, nothing stood in the way of another day on the Motorbike.

Now you have what you have built up in the evening with a lot of effort (usually looks as if the panniers exploded) the next morning to pack again. My fellow travelers Denise and Normand are clearly at an advantage. Not only that a tent with 4 hands is built up and taken down faster than with 2, no, they also know where to put it and, above all, where to go with all the rest.

I find that a bit harder. Everything into the Rollback, let’s see if it lasts. It lasted.

And then?

The date for our arrival at our host in Copenhagen was agreed somewhere between 15 and 16 o’clock.

Time enough not to “scrub” over the highway like yesterday.

My TOMTOM actually does a good job of saying that here in the area it’s zig-zagging around the houses, but at least it works hard.

So therefore from 8:30 on smaller routes to Puttgarden.

There at 12:45 on the ferry, travel time 45 min. That’s just enough for a coffee and a snack.

So at 13:45 in Rødby back down from the vessel.

A small passport control in intra-European border traffic, which one actually no longer knows and already we are officially in Denmark.

Meanwhile, it has become a bit late.

So again the unloved highway to Copenhagen. And what can I say, traffic is in Copenhagen as shitty as Castrop-Rauxel, Dortmund or Essen.

Okay, the prospect of sleeping in a bed for two days really inspires you.

That means, tomorrow is city tour announced.

More of that tomorrow, dear ones.

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