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Day 13 or the eagle has landed ….

Day 13 or the eagle has landed ….

…or Silverback is back in his territory, or Chief Silverlocke is back in his wigwam tonight….
However you want to express it, the old man is back in Niederkassel.
For his better half:
No major quirks from the trip, a bit dusty in the displays, a bit of “mopping damply” should help, but otherwise …… not like new ….. rather hardly used.

It turned out to be 3330 kilometers, even if we changed almost every planned tour a bit…….
wait a minute That almost sounds like a conclusion. It shouldn’t be like that.
There’s always a conclusion when I’m home. And I still have almost 130 kilometers to go.
Therefore, march and returns to the present day.
Since Uli was in a hurry as the stable smell increased, I hardly managed to take any pictures. Therefore no gallery today, rather photos in the report.

And so we have to get the machines out of their “sleeping beauty” sleep early in the morning, so to speak, before breakfast, after we got a parking space right next to the “guest outdoor area” on arrival yesterday, so we can keep an eye on our means of transport at dinner could.

After we rode the bikes up quite quickly yesterday, it’s a bit slow today, because at least for me, down backwards. Works too.
Uli leaves me the task of driving his bike downstairs. After all, what do you have staff for? But that also works and we devote ourselves to breakfast.

Strengthened, we set off at the usual time, after having a nice breakfast chat with the innkeeper/hotel owner/chef, who drives himself, but rather a Guzzi than an HD or Honda. We are making good progress and for lunch we have coffee and pastries…….

Uli can hardly be stopped. Along the Rhine he develops a momentum that I had never experienced before. In France he was traveling at 10 km/h below the traffic sign value, here it is more like 10 km/h plus …. along the water.

…and at some point the navigation system shows “You have reached your destination”. Uli immediately flees into the garden with his bike, I take my place under Uli’s carport with the machine. And so today’s title fits.

It was another 280 kilometers today. As already described above, 3330 kilometers in total.
I decide to stay in Niederkassel today, even though we arrived here in the early afternoon. Quite heavy rain and a southern end part, which now also makes it clear that the ride has not remained without temporary consequences, take their toll.
So be it, Uli just has to put up with me one more day. He smiles wryly, but he smiles.

But now, finally, he gets a final task from me.
And so I hope to be able to present a guest contribution tomorrow at the latest, which Uli is supposed to deliver today. 2 legal-size pages, closely written……..

Tomorrow then a longer conclusion, therefore … stay tuned ….

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