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Day 10 or bowel movements tastes good, food intake regular……

Day 10 or bowel movements tastes good, food intake regular……

Many years ago, a trainee in nursing threw this rather humorous saying at me. Quasi a corruption of the usual entry in the medical record, where of course bowel movements and food are exchanged……

The sentence is just as beautiful: “Let me doctor, I’m done…”.
Imagine studying for years, writing and passing several tests and then, when it really matters, just missing the mark. Tragic!

But, one or the other asks, how does he get back to this now?

Well, quite simple. My “elderly follower” smashed a cheerful health bulletin into my ears this morning, which deals with bowel movements in general and their fluffiness in particular.
I immediately ask 2 questions…

  1. Couldn’t you have waited until after breakfast?
  2. May I use this in the block?

    Here are the answers ….
  3. Possibly….
  4. I insist….

And so here is a detailed overview of what happens in the toilet in Uli’s room.

(Here only access for paying members)

Otherwise we have a sparse French breakfast, i.e. little cold cuts, but more carbohydrates from sweets… I can’t understand why they are all so slim with so much sugar consumption.
I suspect a biological symbiosis between sugar and alcohol (mainly from red wine).
I may start a series of experiments in the next few weeks with selected homeless people from the Recklinghausen district. Motto: Chateu la Fit for Kalle Schmidt. The whole thing will be counter-financed by the European Ministry of Health, after which I should have been financially secure for the rest of my life….

But please, this is about our tour and I digress.

So after breakfast we start in the direction of Brig (in the middle of Schwyz) and are happy about the pleasant weather. I quickly get rid of my leather jacket and most of the time I don’t ride topless but sparsely. Uli does not really dare to present his alabaster body, at least the upper part, to the outside world when riding a bike and remains in his leather jacket type of aging rocker, so to speak a kind of Peter Maffay for the poor ……

We take our time and the route varies between pass roads, two lanes, without hairpin bends and long, almost straight sections. Whatever the case, we’re going to have a sunny day with temperatures well above 30 degrees, at least that’s what the red coloring of my shoulders, which were exceptionally not creamed, suggests.
Around noon we roll into Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, where Uli really wants to have a coffee, almost in memory.
We find a kind of “emergency parking lot” and allow ourselves a “Cafe longe” (for Uli) and a “Cafe au lait” for me.
The bill is unexpectedly low at €6. I check Google Maps to see if I’m actually in Chamonix or not already in Oer-Erkenschwick. But then it suddenly occurs to me that in Oer-Erkenschwick I wouldn’t get by with 6 € for 2 coffees. Thank god I’m in Chamonix.
On the way back to the bikes, however, the price for 1 scoop of ice cream confirms the unique selling point of the place, it is €3.50 locally!
So a no-go for Rolf, the old polar bear!!!!

We continue to make headway and towards the afternoon the route changes to a mostly long ride through a mix of residential and industrial areas.

At around 3:40 p.m. we finally reach our hotel exactly opposite the train station in Brig.
We check in, freshen up and promise to go to a restaurant around 6 p.m. Why promise? Well, at our age, planning beyond the next breath is always a little hasty……

Around 5 p.m. I go out to explore the area.
I look at the train station a little longer and then it occurs to me and I put myself back 46 years.
My father, who was already doing “trainspotting” before anyone in Europe knew what it was called, had asked the driver of the coach that the Hüllenhagen family had used to travel to the Vierwaldtstätter Lake to drop him off on a tour in Zermatt, which he then wanted to do ride the Glacier Express and let them pick it up again in Brig. Back then it was still possible, but today it would not be possible for insurance reasons…..
And so memories that I thought were lost reach me while I explore the old town of Brig.

In order to bring this amount to a conclusion….
Around 6 p.m. I meet Uli, we find a nice restaurant and while Uli gets his favorite Swiss dish, rösti with bratwurst, I take a salad with chicken breast.
It might not sound that exciting, but the girls tend to look after me rather than behind Uli.

Although, Uli is in safe hands, so almost not available. So do I have to make an effort?
I’ll think about it…..

A few beers later we make our way back because football is the order of the day. And Uli doesn’t want to miss it…
May it be granted to him and I use the football time to write these lines.

Incidentally, I’m quite flattered to see that my fan base is growing. That makes me happy, of course, and I would like to thank everyone who faithfully continues reading….

With that in mind, stay tuned……

Total distance: 212.18 km
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Download file: 22-Frankreich-Tag-10.gpx

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